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5 Things That Can Kill Your Business


If you go online and search for ideas on how to make your business successful, you’ll come across endless information, tips and ideas. While it’s a positive step to be aware of what works, it’s equally as important to learn what not to do as well.

While there are numerous things you can do that will lead to business success, there are many mistakes that can be made along the way that can result in business failure.

Let’s take a look at some of those pitfalls, so you are aware of them and can avoid them happening to you.

#1 – Failure To Establish Your Brand

Branding is everything when it comes to modern businesses, and failing to promote your brand and develop a good reputation for your brand will lead to your business under-performing.

Branding tends to go hand in hand with marketing, as marketing will get your brand in front of your audience. You can do this quite effectively on platforms such as social media. Create a Facebook page for your business, use paid promotions and competitions to get your brand out there. Anything you can do to become known to your target market will be good for your brand, so long as it’s positive.

You’ll also want to protect the reputation of your brand by always providing quality products and services and being a great company to deal with.

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#2 – Capital and Cash Flow

Possibly the greatest killer of businesses, especially small business, is a lack of business capital or cash flow. If you’re a start-up, not having enough capital will likely spell the end of your business aspirations.

Likewise, during the running of your business, including businesses that are already well-established, constant cash flow is the lifeblood that keeps the business operating.

Talk to any expert about why so many businesses either under-perform or fail completely and cash flow and capital will generally be at the top of the list.

#3 – A Lack Of Customer Service

There are not many things more frustrating or infuriating for a customer than poor customer service, or customer service that’s non-existent. It’s one of the most common complaints in modern society, as it seems too many large corporations and businesses are simply too busy to take time out to deal with their customers.

Customer service isn’t all about dealing with problems and complaints, either. It’s more often than not simply fielding customer enquiries and answering questions. Good customer service can lead to bringing in loads of new customers, while poor customer service will drive away existing customers and give your company a bad reputation.

This ties back in with the first point about creating and promoting your brand in a positive way.

#4 – Not Being Aware Of Risks That Your Business Could Face

An important component of any successful business is effective risk management. A failure to plan for risks your business could face is likely to lead to business failure at some point.

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Every business, no matter how big or small, faces risks; whether they be the potential for physical injury in the workplace, problems that lead to a loss of income, or failing to be compliant with the laws that govern your industry.

Assigning someone the task of risk management and arming them with risk management software will go a long way towards recognising risks and nipping issues in the bud before they become a major drama.

#5 – Not Taking Care Of Your Employees

If you have a good stable of employees that get their daily tasks done with a minimum of fuss, you’ll want to look after them so they stay with you and remain happy and productive workers. Some employers fail to recognise the importance of taking care of their workers and go through staff at a rapid rate. This means constantly searching for new workers to fill the void and having to train up new staff members on a regular basis.

If you have a quality workforce, do whatever you can to retain that workforce.

In Conclusion

This article has mentioned some common pitfalls businesses can face. If you’re aware of what to do and what to avoid, you’re well on your way to having a very successful business.

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