These Are the Latest Apple Product Announcements You Should Know About

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By Stuart Williams 6 Min Read
these are the latest apple product announcements you should know about

It’s that time of year and Apple is at it again. They are on a full press campaign to separate enthusiasts from their hard-earned money. Considering the obscene billions they make every quarter, it must not be all that difficult. One of the ways they do it is by holding splashy media events 3 to 4 times per year and iterating their best-sellers with a fresh coat of paint.

This year, a few of their products received much more than a surface refresh. Tim Cook and company announced some pretty major upgrades that are going to blow away sales estimates and defy the gravity of negative head winds and chip shortages.

Since Apple is focusing on the high-end this year, you might need to secure a bit of extra financing such as one of those affordable cash loans. Your paycheck might come at the end of the month. But the ability to get a day-one arrival will not last that long. If you saw something you had to have, then you have to act right away.

The standard iPhone and Apple Watch received minor updates that amount to a rather pedestrian refresh. But the following products are worth quite a bit more attention. Here is what’s new and notable and definitely worth a second look from the September Apple Event:

iPhone 14 Pro

Everyone expected an iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to be announced and Apple did not disappoint. What no one saw coming was the introduction of the Dynamic Island. It is essentially a lozenge-shaped front camera housing that can display a variety of interactive notifications and alerts.

Of course, Apple didn’t just leave it at that. They gave each alert a lively animation and playful motion that invites the user to interact with the screen in a different way. You will be able to see live timers, active alarms, access media controls, and even see live sports scores.

The iPhone screen should be harder to crack. And while there is no way to include all the details about the new camera system in this piece, know that the iPhone 14 camera system will be a generational leap forward. If you have been holding out for a major jump in photo quality and video functionality, this is the upgrade for you.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra replaces the Edition at the top of the regular lineup. It is a 49mm beast of a wrist wart designed with extreme sports enthusiasts in mind. Rumors were that this watch would start at $999 and work its way up from there. Instead, Apple priced it at $799. That feels like a savings even though it is still a lot to pay for a watch.

Besides having a much larger display, it boasts a longer battery life that will reach 60 hrs with an upgrade later this year. There are two speakers and three microphones for better voice calls. And it has a programmable button for additional one-touch functionality. If you are used to buying the stainless steel version, consider going Ultra this time around.

AirPods Pro

It has been a few years since the original AirPods Pro were announced. That means that the battery life has tanked for a lot of users. It is time to upgrade and the new AirPods Pro don’t disappoint. They have longer battery life, twice the noise cancellation, a better transparency mode, and upgraded sound drivers. You will even be able to charge the case on an Apple Watch charger. Altogether, it is a solid upgrade.

Safety Features

The watch and pro phones offer a second GPS band which makes it easier for you to see where you’re going. But all of the phones also come with a new satellite emergency communications feature that allows you to contact emergency support even when you are out of range of cellular service. To use the new service, you will need a clear line of sight to the sky. Apple says the service will be free for the first two years, but failed to announce pricing after that. Combine that with car crash detection and Apple is hoping you will start seeing these devices as life-saving necessities instead of nice-to-have luxuries.

It is rare that Apple makes giant product leaps. This year, they gave us three. Only time will tell if the advances were able to keep up with the announcement hype.

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