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The Nerdy Traveler’s Guide: Where To Go Post COVID-19


Did you notice how quickly people rushed to get out of the house after the stay at home orders lifted? If so, maybe you also noticed that airline tickets dropped tremendously during that time, and they’re still very reasonable? It probably has a lot to with lingering fear and anxiety surrounding COVID-19.

But, what if you want to go against the odds and take advantage of some of those great deals? A deal you just can’t pass up to a destination you’ve been eyeing for years? Sure, there might be a few nerves attached to traveling since airplanes are already known to carry so many germs. Still, if you keep some CBDfx pills on hand, you can enjoy those great deals worry-free.

You know you have that bucket list of destinations to mark off the list. Those destinations you absolutely must go to nerd out and revel at some of the things only fellow nerds would understand. So, get your credit card out and book some of those tickets that you know will go back up in a month or two. Where will you go––let’s see!

Who says you can’t geek out in Vegas? We’ve all been in the house for months, and we all want to break free and get a little loose, and what better place than Las Vegas? It isn’t one of those places that cost a whole lot to visit anyhow (because you spend all your money when you’re at the tables), so all that means is that these packages are dirt cheap now!

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You can even take advantage of options like reserve now, pay later on Orbitz when reserving your room. That takes a lot of stress out of the planning process! When planning your itinerary, make sure you stop by the Marvel’s Avengers Station in the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino.

You’ll get an inside look at what it takes to be an Avenger as well as top-secret experiments, and the tickets are only $32! After you’re all caught up on all things Avenger, stop by the Nerd Bar in Fremont Station. There you can watch classic nerd films while playing pool, bowling, and video games. It sounds like our type of place!

Another nerd-ish travel destination is the birthplace of technology: Silicon Valley. People love going to immerse themselves in tech culture and soak up the air of the great minds that paved the way. Unfortunately, you can’t just stroll into Google or some of those other top tech companies.

But you can go to the mothership Apple store or head over to the Intel Museum in Santa Clara and surround yourself with some of our favorite technological advances. Oh, and they say you can try on a cleanroom bunny suit when you’re checking out certain areas of the museum.

That’s kind of cool! You can also grab a table at Buck’s Restaurant and rub elbows with some of Silicon Valley’s finest over a stack of pancakes. When you’re done, make sure to take a peek at the Hewlett Packard garage that birthed a whole “tech” city.

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If you feel like adding a stamp or two to your passport, head on to Tokyo, Japan. You’re going to need those CBD pills on this flight because it will take you anywhere from 10-13 hours to get there, but once you’re there, you’ve got so much to get into! There are video game stores and comic book stores on just about every corner, and the city is beaming with innovative technology that’s accessible all over the city.

Speaking of accessible technology, did you know that 92% of Tokyo’s population is connected to the internet? That makes it the most “connected” city in the world! Don’t forget to take a trip to the electric mall to see a 7-story mall full of tech stores!

Are you a Star Trek fan? If so, you’ve got to catch a flight over to Vulcan, Alberta, which is also known as the Star Trek capital. The museum is small, but it’s free, and it contains all that memorabilia that you’re going to want to have a photo op with! You’ll have to venture about an hour and a half to see Mr. Spock, but if you’re a true Star Trek fanatic, it will most definitely be worth it!

Sure, we’ve all been bored out of our minds the last few months, and that’s all the more reason you should visit some of these destinations. We can’t live in fear forever, and we definitely can’t stay cooped up in the house forever.

So, live a little, and book that trip that you have been daydreaming about. Maybe you want to visit the UK where the Harry Potter films were made? Or, perhaps you want to head on over to Middle Earth from the Lord of The Rings? Wherever you want to go, don’t let COVID fears hold you back. Pack the mask and the sanitizer––we’re on our way!

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