The Most Important Android Apps to Have on Your Phone Today

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the most important android apps to have on your phone today

There has been a steady and increasing demand for different Android apps ever since we have known of Android.

The Android has possibly been the most important innovations in the market for mobile phones. It is chic, ever-evolving and has taken the OS of mobile phones to an entirely different level.

There are apps of all kinds. From stretching your phone’s storage space to some amazing games- the Android has apps for everything.

And the best part is that it keeps adding new apps while upgrading the old ones. Therefore, it would be such a shame if one did not stay up to speed with these apps.

Speaking of which, we have an article here that talks about some of the best apps to have on your phone this year. It is great if you already have them.

However, in case you do not have the apps yet, download them as soon as you finish reading up!

Microsoft SwiftKey:

The Microsoft SwiftKey is an essential app for your phones this year, and probably in the years to come.

It is an amazing third-party keyboard which has a predictive engine unlike anything else. Adding the app to your phone shall enhance your typing speed and accuracy.

Plus, it will also be a huge time-saver since most of the words shall be predicted by the app. It has multi-language support which adds on to its efficacy.

Therefore, if you were looking to download an app, start with this one.

LastPass Password Manager:

Another app worth mentioning at this point is the LastPass Password Manager.

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Given the kind of hacks and data breach we hear about every day, it is essential to tweak our security.

LastPass Password Manager secures and safeguards our credentials across the websites we use on our phones.

Online gaming and gambling sites, like, might require more security than the other sites.

And LastPass Password Manager helps in keeping the credentials across these sites secure. It also has cross-platform support.

This means that you can use it on several devices like computers, mobiles, tablets and others.

Podcast Addict:

The popularity and demand for podcasts have grown exponentially over the years. People listen to podcasts of all kinds, while commuting to work or chilling after work.

They are enlightening and entertaining at the same time. Thus, it needs no special mention that having an app that has podcasts from different niches would be a delight.

You can avail the podcast for free or sign up to its single-cost premium feature too. Navigating through the app is easy.

You can browse for individual artists or you can also look for categories. Plus, you can also create your own playlists.

Poweramp Music Player:

This app is for all those who like to add a bit of edge to their regular playlists. This music player supports all sorts of audio codec and also has hi-res audio support.

However, the user interface of this app might take some time to sit well with you. Some might find it a bit confusing.

However, the kind of audio and navigation features that this app offers, the learning curve is worth a shot. Besides the hoard of unique features, the app also has the normal functions.

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Therefore, if you are not too keen on using the app for the special features, you can use it like any of the other regular music players too.

Also, the app is one of the best-looking music players in the Android market. You might want to try downloading the app for better music experience.

Wrapping Up:

You might already be aware of some of these apps and their utilities. However, for the ones who are trying to get the most out of their Android experience, these apps are amazing.

They come with a myriad of features and a delight to use. Of course, there are several more apps that we could not include.

However, if you needed a place, to begin with, you might want to try these out first. Do your research, dig around a bit.

And always remember to download the apps from a trusted store, like Google Play.

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