TeenSafe Review: The Best Keylogger to Monitor Kid’s Snapchat

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As a parent, you need to do everything to keep your kids safe from the online world. Although you can not ask them to show their device all the time, you can still track their activities without letting them know. Many methods allow you to record someone’s online activities, even without touching their phone.

This TeenSafe review covers everything you need to know about Keylogging and how you can use this app to monitor someone.

So, let’s start and learn about Keylogging and the best keylogger to monitor kid’s activities remotely.

What is Keylogging? How can you use a Keylogger For Snapchat?

Keylogging is an advanced method to record the activities of a device. It can be done through a keylogger or a phone monitoring application. However, using a phone monitoring application for keylogging is more beneficial. The reason is that phone monitoring offers many other services without charging you additional costs.

For example – If you want to monitor a kid’s Snapchat activities, then you will have two options from a phone tracking/monitoring application. The first one is a keylogger, and the other one is its Snapchat Spy feature.

In keylogging, you install a secret application in your kid’s device, and it starts recording everything they type on their device. After that, you can check all their texts and deleted messages with the online account on the website.

Using a keylogger is so simple that everyone can do it. All you need is a platform that offers keylogging services in its subscription packs. It will take care of the technical part, and you just need to read the retrieved texts whenever you want. You can check this page to use the best keylogger platform for Snapchat monitoring.

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Whenever someone talks about kid’s phone monitoring, then TeenSafe is always common in their conversation. It is a phone monitoring platform that provides the technology to track or monitor any device you want. With this application, you can check someone’s Snapchat messages without knowing the password of any account.

TeenSafe’s website is considered one of the best keylogger services in the market. Hence, you can trust it to monitor any device you want. It has a base of more than a million users, actively using its keylogger to track someone’s messages, passwords, and other information.

With some focused features for parents, we can say that TeenSafe is the right choice for you. Check out its website to learn more about the solutions they provide.

How is TeenSafe Different From Other Applications

You can find hundreds of phone monitoring application online. However, TeenSafe is one of the most preferred applications for the task. It is because the application is entirely safe to use and offers some advanced features. Additionally, it is focused on the solutions for parents to monitor their kid’s activities.

Here are some of the facts that make it a better option than other platforms.

It Is Secure

You want to monitor your kid’s Snapchat device. Hence, TeenSafe is the right choice as it is more secured than any other application. All the data (messages and location) that you retrieve through this application is protected and can not be accessed by someone else. All you need is to keep your account login credentials safe from third-parties.

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Additionally, you do not need to install an application on your device to monitor your kid’s activities. You can log in to your account through any web-browser.


It is one of the most affordable monitoring solutions for parents. You can buy the yearly plans to get the best deals on your purchase. Additionally, there is a free demo that allows you to check their features on a sample device. That way, you will know where you are investing your money.

Advanced Features

TeenSafe is loaded with some of the most advanced features. Keylogger, location tracker, message spy, and call logs viewer are some of them. Hence, you get a complete phone monitoring solution at the price of a keylogger.

No Root or jailbreak Required

No one wants to mess with the security of their kid’s device. That is the reason why this application works without performing a root or jailbreak on the device. You just need to follow the instructions to start monitoring Snapchat or any other social media account of your kid’s smartphone.

How to use TeenSafe’s Keylogger To Monitor Snapchat 

As we mentioned earlier, all you need is to follow three steps to use it. They are:

Registration Process

The first step is to register for a free account on the platform. Enter your name, email, and other details to complete the registration. You can also verify your email address to improve the security of your account. Additionally, it will ask you to choose one of its subscription to proceed. Choose any of them, and click continue.

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Phone Verification Process

This process is to verify the device that you want to monitor. Click on the logo of your kid’s operating system. If it is an android device, then download and install the 2MB setup on their device. However, if you want to monitor an iPhone, then enter the iCloud credentials of their device.

You do not even need to touch the iPhone to verify it. Hence, anyone can do this step without worrying about getting caught.

Note: The verification process may take a few minutes to complete.

Monitoring Process (With Keylogger)

The final step is to monitor the device with the keylogger. Login to your account and click on the Keylogger under the dashboard section. You will find all the messages and passwords that they have typed on the device. Additionally, you can check the application where they type the message.

Additionally, you can use the Snapchat Spy from the dashboard to access their account without using a keylogger. It will show their snaps and conversations on your web browser. The best thing is that you do not need to pay any other charges to use this feature.

Final Words

Considering the features and security parameters of this application, parents can use it as their parental control application. You can use the keylogger, social media tracker, and location finder of this application to track your kid’s activities. Additionally, their prices are affordable for a complete phone tracking solution as well.

You can check their website for a free demo on a sample device.

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