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With This Device Teen Can Set Their Driving Safety On The Right Trajectory


Driving a car is a steppingstone in every teen’s life. They wait to turn eighteen and navigate their daily grind in their car. However, allowing your teen to drive for the first time can be stressful for most parents. No matter how well trained your teen is, in the end, they can be reckless and make mistakes leading to unfortunate events. You tend to worry a lot about your kid being on the road unsupervised. As a parent, you have a lot of pain points, such as your teens over speeding, rash driving, going out of reach and much more.

However, installing a KENT CamEye GPS tracker will put an end to such concerns. Not just location, this GPS tracking device offers many more features to help your kid set their driving safety on the right trajectory. It aids you with real-time monitoring to keep you abreast of everything about your teen’s driving style and their safety. Unlike other dashcams that have unreasonable GPS price, and deliver less; KENT CamEye provides a 360-degree security device for your teen driver.

Let’s look at how KENT CamEye is the perfect solution to your worries:

Rash Driving and Over Speeding Alerts

Reckless driving and over-speeding can give chills to you as a parent. Your teen must be given proper training to drive a car independently. However, with the help of KENT CamEye’s dual-camera feature, you can prevent rash driving and over speeding. You will receive an alert on your configured mobile phone as soon as the vehicle goes above the set speed limit. Rash driving doesn’t only put your teen under direct threat but also others on the road. It becomes your utmost responsibility to ensure that your teen drives safely in your absence, and with KENT CamEye, this or deal becomes easier.

2 Way Calling Feature

If your teen does not receive your call, you might suspect that something is wrong. To deal with such situations, KENT CamEye comes with a two-way communication feature, which enables you to have smooth back and forth communication with the occupants of the vehicle. This GPS tracking device comes with a built-in mic and a speaker system. You can initiate a conversation with your teen when their mobile phone is out of reach or switched off. The 2-way calling system is helpful in many other situations as well, such as when your kid is driving rashly; you can directly speak through the app into the KENT CamEye and rectify the behavior.

Geo-Fencing Feature

KENT CamEye has a geofencing feature, which helps you in creating a virtual boundary around areas of your desire. By forming a perimeter of GPS spots on the map, you can ensure that your teen is not looking for trouble. Geofences can be created in any shape or size, and when your teen crosses over the border of a set geofence, you’ll receive a real-time alert on your phone. This tracking device keeps you well-informed about his location when you are busy throughout the day.

Ensuring that your teen is safe on the roads while behind the wheel at all times can be difficult. However, the vanilla GPS car trackers present in the market are unable to provide us with an all-round security solution. Even the car GPS tracker prices of a vanilla car security device can skyrocket and fail to provide 360-degree protection.

KENT CamEye is one such device that fits all your needs and more. The device is technologically advanced and has been engineered and designed in India to meet all the need of an Indian car owner. You can also book a free demo, and a company representative will walk you through all of its features. Order the device straight to your doorsteps through the Amazon India website and reap all its benefits!

Say goodbye to worrying about your kid while taking their security several notches up and setting their driving safety on the right path.

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