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Teds Woodworking Review – An Honest Customer Opinion


Teds Woodworking Review:- Hey, fellas? How are you? So, today we are going to discuss a very popular product on the internet which is being discussed quite well among woodworkers who loves Woodworking and want to push its limits. So, I am going to provide an exclusive review about Teds Woodworking and let you know what I feel about this well talked product. So, let’s get started and see what we have got for Teds Woodworking Review:-

Teds Woodworking Review

I’ve been asked so many times about Ted’s Woodworking product that I finally decided to check it out myself and see if it’s worth it? I will try to write a comprehensive review about it and let peoples know about Teds Woodworking plan. I will outline all the major key points of Teds Woodworking plan including its pros and cons too. I went into this without any prior knowledge or experience with his training or something.

I finally decided to test this and bought one copy of it. Well, it was packed with content which alone was worth more than its cost. However, it was not perfect and I can point out the things I could have changed or done differently if I have created Teds Woodworking Plan. I tried to be very methodical while reading and following the material as to give an even and unbiased Ted’s Woodworking Review. I want you to make a smart decision and decide whether buy it or not. So, here we go:-

Who’s Ted McGrath?

Ted Mcgrath

As the name of the product suggests, Teds Woodworking plans is developed by Ted McGrath. He is a professional woodworking artist and a member of Architectural Woodwork Institute. He learnt most of this woodwork skills from aa local carpenter. It all when he actually built some amazing piece of furniture at home.

Soon he was started to get requests from friends and family to create more such awesome furniture. The amount of work soon became overwhelming. Soon, he decided to create a guide for all the projects he had done and offer it to his friends. The first plan which he developed was a bird plan. It went quite well. 36 years later, he had more than 16,000 projects with instructions and blueprints. Later, a close friend convinced him to create a larger master database of all the plans that he created and show it to the world. He did so and named it to Teds Woodworking Projects.

Things I Liked Most About Ted’s Woodworking Plan:-

When I bought it, I didn’t expect it to be so good. I have listed products below which provide enormous value to buyer. Let’s go through them:-

  • Massive collection of 15,000+ Woodworking Plans – The Best Thing
  • A DWG CAD file viewer. – [Worth of 49.99$ Alone]
  • A robust 3D Modeling Software.
  • Diversity Of Woodworking Plans
  • Big Variety of project Types
  • Collection of Woodworking Tips and Tricks
  • An exclusive guide on How to Start Woodworking Business.
  • Stellar Customer Service (1 Year Of Personal E-Mail Coaching)

Teds Woodworking Buy Now

Did you noticed one thing here? If you compare other similar products available in the market today, all (or most of I know) are over-priced. Best thing about Ted’s Woodworking Plan is that the range and quality of products included in bundle can’t be find any where else. In other plans, you will have to buy digital products separately, which will cost double amount of Ted’s Woodworking. Isn’t that sad?

Also, other products in the market are of cheap quality and doesn’t offer these bonuses. The one thing I liked most about Ted’s woodworking package is that it had a huge range of different plans for reasonable price.

Things I Didn’t Like About Ted’s Woodworking Plan:-

The way the Ted’s Woodworking plan is presented could be more managed. They are not all done the same way. The plan also lack any ranking system which makes it hard to understand whether it is beginner, intermediate or of expert level. It could be more digestive if was marked properly.

The video section is helpful but I expected to be more detailed. However, I found them helpful and refreshing as compared to other products in the market that I know or experienced. I expected Ted to add more additional videos with advanced techniques and how to’s. Well, No Product is perfect until we continuously work and improve it.

It was my hard time to point out things I didn’t like. To be honest, there were not that many things to point out. You know I am not generalizing it, but according to my experience, it’s very well rounded product. It will really help woodworkers to take their business to next level.

Type of Projects You Can Build Teds Woodworking Plan:

Products Included in Ted’s Woodworking:-

  1. 16,000 Woodworking Plans
  2. 150 Premium How-To Videos
  3. 200 Pages of Guides full of Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  4. DWG CAD Software to edit, modify and create your own plans
  5. How to Start a Woodworking Business Book
  6. 1 Full Year of Personal Email Coaching from Ted Mcgrath

IMHO, there are tons of materials and totally worth it’s price. You know that there is also a Deluxe version of Ted’s Woodworking Plan which include even more premium items like:-

  • Shed Plans
  • Several References and Resources
  • Quality 3D Software
  • Special Designer Plans

The video I included below shows you detailed overview of what’s included in the members area once you buy the product. You’ll see that what you get is very substantial, overwhelming at times which isn’t a bad thing. You can also watch more videos included below if you want more detailed overview of Ted’s Woodworking Plan.

Teds Woodworking Buy Now

Download Ted’s Woodworking Plans Package HERE

So, don’t worry about all these. Once you purchase the Ted’s Woodworking Plan, login details of your account will be sent to you in your provided email box using which you will be able to access all premium products on the go. After entering login details, you will be redirected to member’s area to have instant access to all the items I mentioned above.

The best thing of Ted’s Woodworking plan is it management of resources. You will love the User-Friendly Interface of Ted’s Woodworking Plan. I have even posted some screenshots of members area to show you how it all look like.

Ted’s Woodworking Members Area

Ted’s Woodworking Members Area

DWG-CAD Software, Shed Plans, Resources and References


3D Software and Bonus Materials

3D Software and Bonus Materials

What Do Ted’s Woodworking Plans Look Like?

The plans provided in the members area are pretty detailed and include complete blueprint and step-by-step instructions, material list and multiple pictures of all completed projects. They are sorted by project type, for example: barn, bed, bench, bird house, boat, book care, camping. cabin, children s toys, dressers, desks, fences, frames, furniture plans and more.

Example Plans

Close up Detailed Plans

Teds Woodworking Review Detailed Plans

Detailed Instructions with Pictures

Teds Woodworking Review Detailed Instructions

Teds Woodworking Buy Now

Final Thought On Teds Woodworking Review:-

So, After all, I am pretty impressed with the Ted’s Woodworking Plans. There are tons of premium plans available and also with detailed instructions with pictures which is awesome. All the plans have complete step-by-step blueprint and material lists. For me, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

The thing which makes Ted’s Plan different from others is its list of premium bonuses. The bonuses included with the package were actually pretty useful. Unlike other products in the market which only offers junkie PDFs, it is well formatted with videos, PDFs, materials, softwares and digital products.

I give you JIM PATTERSON seal of approval. Thanks for believing in me, I really appreciate that. I want to disclose here that I do receive a small, very small commission if you purchase this product. Thanks a lot for walking with me till here and reading my Teds Woodworking Review. You Are Awesome! I am sure you will be satisfied, as I certainly was. Good luck and enjoy your future woodworking projects!

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