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How Technology Changed The Way Of Using Social Media


There is no denying that the advancement in technology over the years has changed the way that we use social media in 2017. Social media once started out as a small platform where people could connect with one another as long as they attended the same university. Now anyone who has internet access and an email address can use social media.

Technology Changed The Way Of Using Social Media - Social Media

3 Ways That Technology Has Changed The Way We Use Social Media:-

#1 Facebook:-

In Facebook’s early existence, it was only available to those who had an education email address. To complicate things further, your school had to be one of the academic institutions that Facebook recognized. Otherwise, you were unable to access the social media platform.

Social Media - Facebook

This restricted people who attended community college or vocational schools. By 2006, Facebook was opening up its platform to more users and allowing those from a variety of education email addresses to partake in the fun. Now in 2017, anyone with an email address can be on Facebook.

This has opened up the platform to people of all ages and backgrounds. The addition of videos, ads, and commercials is also why Facebook now brings in more money per Annum than Disney!

#2 Keeping in Touch:-

Social media is popular and one of the biggest reasons as to why is because it allows people to keep in touch and connect with new people. Over the years it is hard to keep in touch with people you used to work with or those that you went to elementary school with.

Social network concept

The beauty of social media is that it allows you to find people that you have even forgotten about over the years and you can reconnect. Many post photos and videos on their social media feeds as a way to showcase what their family has been up to.

This is especially wonderful for those who live far away from family and friends. It used to be that you would have to send photos and letters in the mail. Now you can look online daily and get updates as things happen in one’s life.

#3 Money:-

The more followers you have on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can mean extra revenue. Companies are interested in partnering with those who have a large social media following because it means that they can get their product out and in front of many people at one time.

Social Media - Money

It is a smart marketing move and it is cost efficient as well. For example, some companies may contact a person with a large following on Instagram and offer them free product if the person agrees to post a photo or a video of the product.

Many people love free stuff and therefore agree. This cost the company very little as they provide the product and sit back and wait for the sales to come in.

It used to be that marketing companies would have to spend hundreds of dollars to reach the amount of people they can reach with one social media account. This is a fascinating phenomenon. Gaining followers is important and if this is something that interests you, you should find out more.

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