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The Technology Behind Energy Efficient Windows


Energy efficient windows are useful for any home, old and new alike. Heat gain and heat loss account for 25-30% of residential energy use. If you are choosing windows for a new home or replacement windows for your old home, it is important to consider the best option of energy efficient windows that you can afford. If your existing windows don’t need replacing, you could make the necessary repairs and take the relevant steps to save you more money on energy bills.

If you have decided to reduce your energy usage, then you have two options:

  1. Upgrade and repair the existing windows to improve energy efficiency
  2. Replace your windows

How do energy efficient windows work?

The following is a list of key features of energy efficient windows:

  1. Glass coating – energy efficient windows uses a Low-E glass that helps block 90% of the sun’s rays and keeps heat inside the home on colder days. There are many options for glazing including: tints, gas fills and reflective coatings.
  2. Spacer systems – To assist in keeping your window thermally efficient, 100% polymer structural foam is used instead of using metal as a window insulation. Some windows further lower the U value or the rate of heat that is lost by .01. The lower the U value, the better the energy efficiency of the window.
  3. Window Technology – Multiple panes of glass and gas are some of the latest window technologies. Double and triple paned glass blocks UV rays buy by up to 97%, this not only keeps you and your family comfortable throughout the year but also protects the curtains, tiles and other personal items in your home. Another technology in energy efficiency is Krypton gas which is used to fill the spaces between insulated glass. This feature further reduces the transfer of heat to your home. This gas is odourless, clear and non-toxic.
  4. Frames – The type of frame on your window can play an important role in the performance of your window. Non-metal frames have a better thermal performance than metal frames.
  5. Better insulation – Green may refer to something that is environmentally friendly however, it isn’t just that, it can refer to something that has a superior functionality. These windows are also better for the environment and less harmful. Lower energy consumption means a reduced amount of power is produced by fossil fuel sources and this makes your home eco-friendly.
  6. Reduction of noise – One of the benefits of energy efficient windows is the noise reduction due to windows being insulated well. Since they are designed to protect your home from outside conditions, they do a great job of minimising the amount of noise that is passed through.

If windows are not properly maintained, does not contain proper glass, or spacers, they can be a thermal hole and could contribute to higher electricity bills in your home. Energy efficient windows may cost more than the traditional window types but there are many benefits to these windows that make them worth the cost.

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