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Top 5 Technologies Which Can Improve Urban Air Quality and Sustainable Living


As more people choose to relocate from the countryside to urban cities, air pollution is starting to become a major issue in the UK. While living in a city is certainly convenient, it can pose some nasty health effects.

Fortunately, things are being done to improve the air quality in major towns and cities. Here, we’ll look at the top 5 technologies available or currently being developed, which can help improve air quality and sustainable living.

#1 Gas Scrubbing

For businesses working within nuclear and industrial sectors, using gas scrubbers is beneficial for controlling air pollution. This basically scrubs particulate and gaseous contamination to reduce exposure to hazardous pollutants. It also has the additional benefit of reducing downtime and maintenance. This is very specialised technology, but it is helping in crucial sectors such as nuclear plants.

#2 The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is currently being used to monitor air pollution levels. Data collected via specialised sensors, allows experts to see where improvements need to be made. Being able to monitor the situation and determine when strategies need to be implemented can really help to reduce the risks of air pollution in cities, ensuring they don’t reach dangerous levels.

#3 Electric Vehicles

Although we already have semi-electric vehicles on the roads, fully electric vehicles are in the works and they could prove crucial at reducing carbon emissions. Congestion is a huge problem in cities and that leads to a lot of excess emissions being burned into the atmosphere. Electric vehicles are far better for the environment and will therefore help to cut a lot of the air pollution currently experienced in urban areas. However, it’s likely going to be a few years before fully electric vehicles can be safely integrated onto the roads.

#4 MethaneSAT

One of the most impressive technologies being developed to tackle air pollution is MethaneSAT. This innovative satellite mission is set to launch in 2021 and it’s going to be used to map as well as measure methane emissions anywhere on earth.

It will give experts the opportunity to see air pollution in areas which are currently tricky to monitor. The data produced from the satellite will be available for anyone to view, helping everyone detect when there might be a problem with pollution. By identifying potential pollution issues, companies and individuals can then work on solutions needed for improvements.

#5 Renewable Energy

One of the major technologies helping to reduce air pollution in urban areas, is renewable energy. In a bid to reduce fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are being incorporated into major cities, largely through solar and wind energy. They are particularly helping to reduce air pollution produced by refineries, processing plants and factories.

Air pollution is a major problem for the UK’s cities, but the above are just some of the top technologies being implemented to tackle the issue. As technology progresses, we’ll become even more capable of monitoring and controlling air pollution levels in major towns and cities.

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