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Technologies Powering The Live Dealer Blackjack Games


Stating that online casino industry has created plenty of waves in the past two decades would be an understatement of sorts. It has emerged as a massive industry that registers annual revenues to the tune of billions of dollars today. Online gambling continues to grow even today all thanks to the innovative technologies that are introduced from time to time.

For instance, mobile gaming has evolved greatly in a very short time period, and is one of the key drivers of this industry, with a phenomenal $ 59 billion projected revenue by the year 2023. And going by the experts, it’s not going to stop there.

Another important technology which has played a key role in the success of online gambling industry is live dealer casinos. Live dealer casinos work as a bridge between the online casinos and brick and mortar casino establishments. It’s not without reason that they are being marketed as the biggest and latest tech advancement in this industry. Let’s say that you’re a seasoned blackjack player and know all the blackjack rules like the back of your hand, however, don’t feel too comfortable switching to online platform. This is where a live dealer blackjack casino can help you make the switch, bringing the actual brick and mortar blackjack table environment to your desktop or mobile phone.

If we study the top-rated online casinos of today, it would become very clear how developers are creating even more scope for innovative online gambling experience. Inthow is a highly useful platform that offers several tech articles keeping everyone updated about the developments unfolding in the tech world overall. All this information can acquaint one with the tech advancements which are driving innovation in the online casino gaming as well.

Getting back to live dealer blackjack casinos and live casinos in general, they use a combination of new-age technologies to deliver an experience that can be equated with real Vegas casinos! Below we take you through some technologies which make this possible.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

GCU is at the heart of every live dealer blackjack casino operational today. It’s a small device hidden under every blackjack table which decodes the video stream and converts the feed to actual data, which is then delivered to the player on his/her desktop or mobile screen. Live casinos won’t exist without this technology.

Web Cameras

Like GCU, web cameras are also an integral part of live casino experience. These cameras make live streaming from the studio/land-based casino environment to your device possible. Please note, these are far from the regular cameras, and are instead special 4K or HD cameras with extremely high frame rates enabling best slow-motion. It is because of these cameras that you can see live action unfolding at a live blackjack table from multiple angles.

Optical Camera Recognition (OCR)

It’s a software which records everything happening inside the studio and then streams this information through a video link. It captures every single action on the table, starting from shuffling of the cards, to dealing, and then all the actions performed by the live dealer. It’s because of OCR that you can communicate with the blackjack dealer sitting inside a studio/land-based casino in real time, thus taking your blackjack experience to a new high.

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