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7 Tech Tools For Writing Great Reviews On Online Services


The best reviews don’t just offer helpful information to customers but also have quality content. Elements such as good grammar and spellings, search engine optimization, a good understanding of the target audience, and more help improve the quality of your write-up. Due to the advent of technology over the past decades, one can employ various software in writing great reviews.

Here are 7 tech tools for writing great reviews on online services.

Content Tools

Content Tools

Poor grammar and misspellings can lead to a misinterpretation of the information one intends to pass across to customers. When these shortcomings appear at a high frequency in contents, they don’t just reduce content quality but also decrease a brand’s credibility. To avoid such mishaps, many have their contents proofread multiple times. Rather than go through the hassle of proofreading yourself, multiple tools on the internet can help you do this while still improving the efficiency of editing.

#1 Online writing services

This is often the go-to option for many due to the fact it guarantees high-quality content from professionals. There are numerous writing services on the internet, with factors such as credibility and transparency being the yardstick for choosing one.

Wondering how you can get such information? Yes! You guessed it, through its reviews. Take the situation with Essay Edge review, one can easily ascertain the credibility and professionalism of the service.

#2 Grammarly

This proofreading tool is widely regarded as the best on the internet by many content writers. Much of its popularity stems from its simple UI and wide range of grammar checks. The program offers users the chance to select between a free or premium plan. Though the free plan offers decent proofreading options, it’s the latter that’s ideal for advanced editing.

Humans are prone to making errors, and a write-up can easily be riddled with poor grammar, misspellings, punctuation errors, etc. After uploading or pasting your write-up to Grammarly, the software analysis the contents, then spots errors where they appear and as well provides solutions to them.

Using Grammarly or a suitable grammar checker app is an efficient and time-saving method of proofreading.

#3 Hemingway App

The norm when looking to opt-in for a service or purchase a product is to read a review online. This is why these reviews must be written in simple terms and are easily comprehensible. The Hemingway App helps you achieve this with little fuss. You get to paste your text and have the program analyze its content. After which the software highlights problems in your write-up such as long sentences, passive word misuse, etc.

The app also provides you with a score rating of your content, with a rating of 6-8 signifying that your write-up is comprehensible and readable for a general audience. On the other hand, a readability rating of 9 and above signifies a content that is difficult to read and comprehend. To solve the latter scenario, you have to reduce the length of your sentences and the use of complex words.

#4 Plagiarism Checkers

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get going. You can have a look at reviews of competing, substitute, or non-related brands to gain an insight on how to go about writing great reviews. There is a chance doing this exposes you to plagiarism, which is why using one of the top originality checkers is necessary after completing a write-up.

SEO Tools

SEO Tools

These tools help with generating keywords for your review. What specific words do your audience input in search engines when looking for the services you provide? SEO tools help you out with this answer. After this, you go on to employ these words in your review naturally without making them seem out of place.

#5 Google Search Console

This tool helps you keep track of how good your content is performing on the Google search engine. Its analysis helps you get a better understanding of your audience. Knowledge of the specific keywords for which your content ranks helps you structure existing or new write-up and maximize your audience reach.

#6 Moz

For those looking to stay in touch with trends in the world of SEO, Moz is arguably the ideal solution. Google is renowned for being the world’s leading search engine service, and a brand known for routinely making changes to their program’s algorithm to enhance user experience. Moz keeps track of these changes and provides suggestions on how you can get the best out of them through its keyword analysis features.

Have your page or store analyzed to obtain its metric information, compare traffic between competing sites, and more. Apart from a simple UI and providing you with suggestions on how to improve your SEO ranking, Moz also offers a chat option to provide rapid assistance to its users.

#7 Yoast SEO

For WordPress users, the Yoast SEO tool is often the go-to option for analysis and understanding your audience. It’s a plugin you can use to generate keywords, meta tags, m sitemaps, etc. Yoast SEO tool is simple to use and ideal for having to optimize aspects of your review for SEO. This also includes the titles and description.

Yoast SEO

Final Thoughts

There are multiple reasons why businesses need to have an online presence. One of which is the need to stay relevant as more audiences now look to the internet to gain information on products and services. Brands, therefore, need to provide a review to help introduce and guide them to decide on products or services. The 7 listed tools don’t just help you write a great review for your online service but also one which resonates with your audience.

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