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Talk About Terpometer


The Terpometer device is a unique tool that was constructed for the purpose of determining the accurate temperature of your nails and banger. The device is designed as a fancy thermometer and it features a dab tool on the opposite end, which provides a complete idea of the function it is meant to serve, that is, monitoring the temperature on old-school dab rigs. (These dab rigs are analog glass rigs that employ a blowtorch in heating up nails).

Several users of the old-school dab rings often fall victim to nails and bangers that are not properly heated (that is, use either too much or too little heat.) When you dab a banger till it becomes too hot, it can cause the terpenes of your wax concentrates to burn, and also cause the banger to leave burnt markings that are extremely difficult to remove on its walls. On the other hand, when a banger is dabbed too cold, it can result in the reduction of the potency of the vapor from the extracts. Although, you may be able to retain some of the flavors from your concentrates, the process may, however, cause you to trade the potency of your materials. This is why it is important for consumers to dab using a moderate temperature.

What does it look like?

At first glance, the terpometer device looks like the meat thermometer, however, the difference between both devices becomes apparent rapidly. The temperature sensor employed by the terpometer is a thermocouple, instead of a needle.

A dab tool is located on the other end of the device, and it is constructed in a way that allows you to flip the terpometer around in order to apply the dab after you have measured its temperature. Other important parts of the terpometer are located in the middle part of the device, between the temperature sensor and the dab tool. These are: the battery, power button and LCD display.

The device is not particularly thick, and therefore fits conveniently in your hand when you are using it to either apply a dab or measure temperature. The length of the thermocouple and dab tool are considered to be perfect as they neither feel too long or too short, and they both feel properly attached to the other parts of the device. The LCD screen on this device functions as a basic digital display, showing both the battery level and the temperature of the device.

The LCD display can be backlit in order to show the range at which the temperature of the device is at. When the color on the LCD display is red, that means the device is too hot (600° to 1000°), when the color turns green (between 540° and 600°), it signifies that the temperature is perfect for dabbing, while blue suggests that the dab tool is too cold (0° to 500°) .

These color differences allow you to quickly determine the perfect temperature for the dabbing tool, after which you can precisely calibrate the temperature to your desired degree. This feature helps you to remove all the guesswork involved in dabbing, and ensure that you achieve the best results from your dabs.

How to use?

  1. The first step involves turning on the device, and this is done by pressing the power button three times.
  2. Now, place the thermocouple end of the device on the surface that is being heated.
  3. Do not remove the device from the surface until the temperature number on the LCD display stabilize.
  4. If the final temperature happens to be too hot or too cold, you can either continue heating or you can simply wait for the nail to cool down.
  5. As soon as the temperature enters the green zone, you can apply the dab to the nail using the dab tool part of the device.

The Work

The constructors of this device were extremely careful in the study and identification of the proper temperature profile. Apart from the accurate temperature information the terpometer device provides, it is also able to calculate the temperature and inform you on the best time to drop release your extracts. These extracts have been integrated on the terpometer, thereby requiring that the device be flipped immediately in order to release the concentrates.

It is important to note that, there is no particular duration to wait for before the temperature becomes perfect for dabbing as there are several factors involved including: the ambient temperature of the room, the kind of torch being employed, the consistency of your extracts and the thickness of the banger. These factors are responsible for determining the ideal temperature for dabs to take place, in order to ensure smooth and dense rips.

The Battery

The length of time for which the battery of the terpometer can last before it needs to be recharged depends on the frequency with which you use the device. However, it will last quite a few sessions before it will need recharging.

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