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Talk About G Pen Connect


There have been several improvements to desktop rigs in recent times, and they often include: a water filtration system, a base with a rechargeable battery, multiple temperature settings etc. These portable dab rigs have been designed with the aim of providing its user with the power and performance that is characteristic of a desktop rig, except these devices are much smaller and more compact.

Further developments have been made to the production of vaporizers in much recent times, and it was championed by a highly esteemed vaporizer manufacturer, Grenco science. The newest device from Grenco Science, is a small and compact unit that connects to your water pipe or bong with extreme ease, in a bid to turn the device into a torch-less dab rig. This unit provides its user with portability that is lacking in the portable dab rigs of today.

Some of the features of the newest device from Grenco science include:


This is perhaps the most unique feature of this device. When compared with the dab rigs used today, the unit is portable, as even the carrying case is small enough to carry around on its own, or fit into a bag. The carrying case is about the size of a headphone case or the case of video game consoles. When all the pieces of this device have been assembled, it is portable enough to fit in the palm of your hands. With respect to the weight and measurement of the device, the G Pen Connect is way beyond all the portable dab rigs on the market.

The device is portable enough to transport around to parties, or other occasions where the user might engage in quick sessions, as a result of the ease involved. Note that, when you are traveling with the G Pen Connect, you will want to visit places with head shops in its vicinity; as this will enable you to purchase small and cheap water pipes that can easily be disposed of at the end of your travels.

In essence, the G Pen Connect Vaporizer is perhaps the most portable device available on the market. It features a light weight and small size in comparison with other dab rigs. It, however, requires the user to purchase or carry a bong separately.


The G Pen Connect Vaporizer houses the battery in an all-metal body that ensures that the internal circuitry and battery are effectively protected from damage. Also, the part of the device that houses the heating element is relatively durable and feels like it can withstand usage. The glass component of the device is constructed from high quality raw materials, which makes it more durable than several glass connectors.

The device features magnetic connections which is believed to make it more durable, and also maintain the dignity of the device. The battery is connected to the heating element through glass attachment and magnets that are held together by O-rings. This suggests that the device does not use any threaded connection; therefore, it will encounter less wear and tear which will ultimately cause it to have fewer portions of wear and tear, because devices with threaded connections wear out more over time.

Additionally, users need to take caution when tightening the threads, in order to avoid making them too tight or too loose, as this might result in the inability of the thread to hold the parts together.


The G Pen Connect Vaporizer is a device that is able to vaporize wax concentrates. It also features three preset temperature settings from which to choose from, so as to allow the users achieve the best experience, according to their preference. The three preset temperature settings are: 3.1 Volts (which produces green light), 3.6 Volts (which produces blue light) and 4.1 Volts (which produces red light).

These temperature settings allow the user to achieve the perfect dab, according to their tastes. When the lower temperature levels of the device are coupled with the ceramic heating element, it will lead to the production of flavorful vapors that are subtly potent; and allow the user to remain functional, but with a light buzz. This temperature is ideal for beginners.

When the temperature levels become higher, they cause the production of milky clouds of vapor which can be a bit of warm, and pretty potent. These higher temperature levels are ideal for users with high tolerances, and advanced and experienced users.

The device is designed for hands-free use through the sesh-mode. It is also designed for manual operation, which involves pressing down in the power button.

Vapor Quality

The G Pen Connect Vaporizer is constructed with a ceramic heating element that allows it to extract the best flavor in concentrates. The device features a ceramic disk instead of quartz rod because of the porosity, as well as low and slow heating action of ceramics. These features are considered perfect for the consumption of wax concentrates.

The heating element of this device is able to maintain and preserve the flavor of the wax concentrates. At the lowest temperature setting, the terpenes and flavonoids of the plant matter of the concentrates can be tasted.

Battery Performance

The G Pen Connect Vaporizer is an 850mAh battery that is able to function for a while, before it needs to be recharged. The duration of the battery depends on the voltage settings (the higher voltage consumes more power) and manual heating. It takes between one and two hours to recharge.

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