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Taking The Future To Next Level – 5G Era


To change the future in complete way and cope with the huge influx of connected devices that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT), a new level of wireless internet connectivity will be required.

New term revealed to introduce new era of internet i.e. 5G. Fast forward to 2020 i.e. five years from now, there is something going to be happen which will blow your mind and make you feel to die being happy. Imagine the world of driver-less cars, pilot-less airplanes, robots letting us to do nothing. Everything would be wireless. All these will be based on coming technology to change the future i.e. 5G. Lifeless things will have their own network and will be able to tackle all situations human fails to.

Already, Zero Carbon City assumption is on the way of completion. Imagine the world with no deficiency. Entering your home, you will hear “Welcome Home Sir!”.

Speed of 5G:-

The speed of 5G as assumed would be 1Tbps, it would be possible to download a file 100 times the size of a feature film in 3 seconds. The speed is more than 65,000 times faster than average 4G download speeds now we have.

Just imagine, you want to have ultra-HD movie in your smartphone/laptop, while you were dreaming you hit download button by mistake and the movie is in your hand. Forget 4k video quality by that time, we will need 8k (in 4D). WOW!

While we are still waiting for 4G to make us feel like never before, they started talking about 5G. Imagine the future when lifeless things will start to work on its own. They will carry us to place where we want whether we know path or not. We will fly in air without pilot. Robots will make food for us. They will do everything for us. In response, they will need our honor only. The world will be super-fast.

In 2013 when Samsung announced it was testing 5G at 1Gbps, key people excitedly reported that a HD movie could be downloaded in less than 30 seconds. A speed of 800Gbps would equate to downloading 33 HD films – in a single second. By the year 2020, it is assumed that more than 80 billion devices will be connected to the internet. So, connections that run on different frequency bands will be established to cope with demand.

Assumptions that will change our Future

An important aspect of 5G is how it will support applications in the future. We don’t know what applications will be in use by 2020, or 2030 or 2040, but we know they will be highly sensitive to technology.

Collision detection, remote traffic management, real-time navigation, and automatic breaking systems are just some of the innovations that will be made possible by the introduction of 5G networks.

5G would ensure that internet access would not be restricted to any specific country like it is today for 4G/LTE. Hopefully, the times when your mobile signal would be faulty along international borders could soon be a thing of the past. It’s an incredibly important step to take to ensure 5G speeds not only remain constant but also functional at all of the time.

Scientists predicts that it will be possible to live in the world how we see it movies. Total Recall, Minority Report and Residential Evil already stated that.

That’s All. Let me know how you feel about 5G.

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