Taking Care Of Cardiac Patients At Home Made Easy

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taking care of cardiac patients at home made easy

The dawn of the 21st century has revolutionized lives. This is the era of science and technology and every field of life is under its influence. Take the example of health. Technology has both good and bad effects on health overall.

How technology has adversely affected health?

It stems from the improper utilization of technology. Our lifestyle has now become sedentary. Everyone now has access to easy traveling, online shopping, household gadgets and fast-food. As a consequence, we have become sessile. The whole scenario has the following major effects on health:

  • Reduced physical activity and fast food consumption has resulted in increased weight gain.
  • Weight gain leads to many chronic diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, etc.
  • According to a survey, 48% of people suffer from heart diseases in the USA.
  • Increased use of social sites and not maintaining actual contact with others is causing various mental illnesses.

How technology is helping in maintaining health?

However, there is a brighter side as well. If utilized properly, technology could be of great benefit.

  • Firstly, there are a lot of exercise machines available now. These are portable and easy to use. By using these machines one can easily maintain an ideal weight. Moreover, enhanced physical activity keeps the body’s functions at an optimum level.
  • Secondly, a wide range of health applications is now available on smartphones. By using these applications you can easily keep track of your health-related activities. Moreover, you can synchronize the data on different devices.
  • Thirdly, a lot of companies like Wellue , etc. have stepped forward and are producing different gadgets. These gadgets help in monitoring vital signs as well as other health parameters.
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Use of various gadgets in health care

Now, there are a lot of gadgets available that are efficiently assessing different body parameters. These measure temperature, pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar, cardiac rhythm and oxygen saturation in the blood.

Portable device for monitoring heart rhythm 

There is a constant rise in heart-patients worldwide. This is due to our sedentary lifestyle. Properly monitored vital signs, as well as ECG and oxygen saturation, are crucial in managing these patients effectively.

However, currently, two main issues are faced by such patients. Firstly, life nowadays is very busy and it is difficult for many to visit the hospitals regularly. Secondly, due to the pandemic, there is a strict lockdown implemented in certain regions.

In the above-mentioned situation, there are chances that the health of such patients might get compromised. However, devices like WelluePulsebitEx EKG  are efficiently serving the purpose.

Advantages of WelluePulsebitEx EKG

This is more than a blessing for cardiac patients in the following ways:

  • It is portable.
  • There is no need to go to the hospital or clinic. So it provides safety against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.
  • Even the patient himself can use it.
  • The data is automatically recorded making the surveillance very easy.
  • It is possible to synchronize the monitor with a PC, laptop, tablet and mobile,etc.
  • Data can easily be shared with the caretakers, family members, or healthcare professionals.


Although our sedentary lifestyle has led to many ailments especially cardiac diseases. But, at the same time, technology is helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle. All we need is to stay focused and work for our good during this stressful time.

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