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Stardew Valley Sprinklers and Their Layouts


Stardew Valley is a simulation and role-playing game that enables its players to build farms and create lasting relationships with their neighbors. It also allows its players to help little forest spirits known as Junimos to either rebuild the town’s Community Center or destroy it. Why help destroy? you ask. By doing this, they will be creating space for the construction of a storage warehouse.

While this farming simulation game might sound easy, it is not. This is because it requires you – its player – to take regular and proper care of your crops. And just so you know, farming in Stardew Valley requires a lot of work.

One of the most basic and effective ways to enhance the growth of crops within the game is to constantly water them. When you begin cultivating your farm, a watering can should be enough for this purpose. However, with the continuous growth of the farm and its ensuing expansion, you will need more help, such as a sprinkler. With the right Stardew Valley sprinkler layout, the amount of work you will need to do for your crops to grow will reduce.

Types of Sprinklers and Their Layouts

As mentioned above, crops require constant watering to grow optimally, which makes it necessary that you get one. There are three sprinkler types in Stardew Valley – basic sprinkler, quality sprinkler, and iridium sprinkler.

Basic Sprinkler

This is the first type of sprinkler you will be able to obtain in the game; it is available in farming level 2. The basic sprinkler can use only one tile while operating. With this tile, you can water four spaces of crops – those to the left, right, top, and bottom sides of the sprinkler. Placing it in position is quite difficult due to its cross shape, so have that in mind and exercise some patience.

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If you place these sprinklers in squares, there will be spaces in between them, and this does not allow for an efficient watering system. If you, however, position them in a diagonal shape, you will find they do their work more efficiently.

Unfortunately, there will always be spaces the sprinkler won’t reach, regardless of how you position it. But then, with the diagonal shape, you will be greatly reducing these spaces.

To craft this sprinkler type, you need one copper bar and one iron bar. You should know that copper bars are also useful for upgrading your farm.  Therefore, we recommend you save them for upgrades rather than spend them on basic sprinklers.

We believe using your copper bars for upgrades is more important since they will enable you to quickly unlock quality sprinklers by providing you with adequate resources. However, the ultimate decision on what to resides with you.

Quality Sprinkler

The quality sprinkler is the second type of sprinkler, and it is available at farming level 6. To craft this sprinkler, you need one gold bar, one refined quartz bar, and one iron bar. Although it takes a long time to unlock, its functions and capabilities make it worth the wait.

Similar to the basic sprinkler, the quality sprinkler also operates with only one tile. However, unlike the basic sprinkler, it can reach all the crops placed around it without leaving any space, regardless of where they are located. This means that you can water up to eight tiles of your crops with just one quality sprinkler.

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At this point in the game, you should have enough gold and quartz to craft as many quality sprinklers as you need. To ensure these sprinklers get maximum coverage, position each of them two tiles away from the others. This will prevent them from overlapping. You should also divide your farm into small sections, with each section housing different crops. Alternatively, position the sprinklers in a huge area with similar crops.

Quality sprinklers are not only a huge upgrade from basic sprinklers, they are also a great investment. When you eventually change to an iridium sprinkler, you will be able to sell your quality sprinkler for up to 450G. It is, therefore, recommended that you craft as many quality sprinklers as you can and then sell them when you have iridium sprinklers. The profits you will make from this transaction will enable you to plant a lot more crops and have a more productive farm.

Iridium Sprinkler

The iridium sprinkler is the final type of sprinkler and the best among all sprinkler types. It is available in farming level 9. This sprinkler operates using only one tile as well, and it can water 24 crop spaces in a 5×5 square. That is, it covers a huge area of your farm at once.

To craft an iridium sprinkler, you need one gold bar, one iridium bar, and one battery pack. You can find gold bars in mines and collect iridium bars by placing several lightning rods on your farm. However, the battery packs are an entirely different ball game as they require a more arduous process, which is mentioned below.

  • First, head to the Skull Cavern situated in the desert. (You should know that you can’t access this cavern if you don’t have a minimum of level 120 in the mines.)
  • Thereafter, repair the vault in the community center located in Pelican town. (This will cost you 42,500G).
  • After repairing the vault, proceed to the lower end of the Cavern to get your battery pack. (Note that this part of the cavern is filled with dangerous monsters you have to defeat.)
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Locating the appropriate Stardew Valley sprinkler layout for your iridium sprinkler is an easy process. Since it can cover a 5×5 square, you probably won’t need more than four sprinklers for your entire farm. For maximum coverage, place these sprinklers four crop spaces away from each other.

If you don’t want to go through the arduous process for acquiring the resources needed to craft this sprinkler, you can buy it for 10,000 Gold. To do this, pay a visit to Krobus in the sewers every Friday.

Extra Notes

If you want to change the positioning of your sprinkler, hit it with an axe or a pickaxe. This will transform it into an item you can put in your inventory.

You can also sell your basic sprinkler for 100 Gold, your quality sprinkler for 450 Gold, and your iridium sprinkler for 10,000 Gold.


Farming on Stardew Valley can be quite difficult; however, with the right sprinkler, you will find it enjoyable. Endeavor to learn how to obtain the resources needed to craft a sprinkler, otherwise, you will be unable to use them even after you unlock them.

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