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Best iPhone Keylogger? – Spyier Review


Though you may not know it, it’s 100% possible to spy on an iPhone. With the right kind of technology, one can find out everything you are doing on your iPhone. This technology is called Keylogger.

Keylogger is a kind of software that generally comes with a reliable hidden spy app, or as a standalone solution. By using this software, you can record the keystrokes made on the targeted iPhone remotely. Wondering how to make it happen? Read this article to find out more about it.

Spyier – Breaking all the norms

Spyier is a strategically built remote monitoring app that offers you one-of-its-own kind Keylogger. Its Keylogger works without asking for a jailbreak for the targeted iPhone. That’s what makes Spyier the safest and best iPhone Keylogger that one can ever have.


It’s not only us who are saying this.

Millions of others and world media have joined the league and raised hands in the support of Spyier. And when you can find out about 35+ activities happening on the world’s high-end gadget without creating any hassles, all this praise is much deserved.

Your safety is its responsibility

The last thing that you would like to face when you are trying your hand in spying others’ iPhone is to get caught in the act. No one would like to face. One of the key reasons behind such a huge success of Spyier’s Keylogger is the way it safeguards you from all the directions.

The most common way via which a cheap keylogger can put you in danger is getting identified by the target easily. The target identifies that someone is trying to track its keystrokes using a keylogger if:

  • The phone heats up fast.
  • The target listens to key movement sounds in the background.
  • The phone screen hangs a lot.
  • The phone battery is draining out very fast.

If anything from this happens, the target will smell what you are cooking and catch you red-handed. If it would happen, your game would end at a bad note.

Spyier for iOS that has an in-built keylogger is developed using such high-end technology that none of this happens. As soon as you deploy it at your service, it goes undercover and no one can ever find out about its presence on the targeted device.


Neither does it heats up the targeted device nor does the target listens to the keystrokes in the background. The cherry on the cake is that you don’t need to own the targeted device at all. Not even for once.

Yes. Well, the credit for this effortlessness goes to its 100% web-based interface. You can deploy the Keylogger offered by Spyier by using any device and browser. The only thing that you require is the right iCloud credentials.

As soon as you verify them with your activated Spyier subscription, you can bring its Keylogger into action. So, when no one will be able to spot a Keylogger working for you and you don’t have to gain access to the targeted device, you are playing safe.

Beating the better with best

There is no second opinion that the iPhone uses the most advanced OS and technology. If you think of something that can track or hack the iPhone, you have to go a step ahead from the iPhone and should have something which is better than iPhone’s technology.

Well, Spyier’s Keylogger owns such technologies. Hats off to its developers for this!


Spyier’s Keylogger is exclusively developed software that has the novel technology. It’s the results of this top-notch technology that:

The Keylogger has the most user-friendly interface

As soon as we think of tracking an activity happening on the iPhone, we imagine high-end technical skills and advanced software. But, you will be stunned seeing that the way Spyier has simplified things at the end-user part while a complex technology works behind the scenes.

Its interface is very simple. Anyone can use it. Even if you are a greenhorn and have no idea about iPhone spying, you can do it like a Pro.

Spyier works without jailbreak

In some of the Google search results regarding the iPhone spying, a jailbreak is suggested. However, we would suggest you ditch that suggestion at first. You shouldn’t try your hand at it even if you have left with no other option.

Spyier brings its powerful Keylogger to your service without jailbreaking the targeted device. Hence, it can be trusted blindly.

It fetches data with full integrity

Would you like to fetch data that is of no use after deploying the Keylogger on the targeted iPhone?

No. No one would.

After paying a subscription fee, making every move diligently, and eagerly waiting to know about things happening on the iPhone, the last thing that you would face is the data which is no good.

Well, it can happen if you choose a cheap Keylogger as their technology fails big time to fetch real-time data. The reason for this is that these cheap keyloggers fail to match the level of high-end iPhone’s technology.

This is not going to happen with Spyier’s Keylogger as it has been built using a technology that is a step ahead of iPhone’s technology. It’s so futuristic that it records the data in the same timeline as actions occur on the targeted iPhone.

As soon as a keystroke is made, it will be recorded, saved, and reported for you. There is nothing such as delaying or lack of data integrity. Another way that it has managed to surpass the technology of the iPhone is the way it transmits the data.

When you bring Spyier into action and it starts working, its servers don’t save any of the data used in the process. This simply means that your data will not be exposed to malicious cyber activities like phishing, data theft, and virus attacks. You and your data are safe by all means.

It helps you in every situation

There is a lot happening on the iPhone. The target must be typing a text, using various social media accounts, chatting using a dating app, typing emails, and many more. So, when you look for a Keylogger, make sure that it is capable of handling/tracking all of it.

Well, Spyier’s Keylogger is.

With its inventive technology, you can find out what text was typed. Even if the text was deleted; you will be able to find out about it. So, you want to know how the target is using social media platforms. Don’t worry. Spyier has got your back this time as well.

You can find out the passwords typed on the targeted device and later use it to log in. Similarly, you can find out what email was typed and what notes were saved. In short, if you have Spyier, nothing is to be worried about.

The Final Word – It’s the Keylogger with a difference.

Keylogger offered by Spyier is a powerful tool that helps you gain admin like access on a particular iPhone. As it works without jailbreak the targeted device and keeps its operation discreet, we support it with full confidence.

It has shown the world that if you have the right kind of technology in your hand, nothing goes wrong. So, if you really need to track down what’s happening on a particular iPhone for good reasons then Spyier’s Keylogger is the right choice to make.

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