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Sourcing The Right Transcription Package For Your Business


First impressions count. Shoddy transcriptions look amateurish and you could lose business should you customers move elsewhere. Transcriptions that perhaps don’t even make any sense cost you both time and money, so it is important to invest in the right packages and services to ensure that your business stays relevant and ahead of your competition as and where you can.

Before purchasing any packages or services for your business you have to ensure that they are compatible with the content that you want to produce. To find the right provider you need to do your due diligence and establish what you are getting for your money. You cannot afford to use the wrong package. Here is a brief guide on transcription packages in terms of how they can help your business.

What Do They Provide?

Here are some important points to consider:

  • Do they provide both a transcription of captured video and audio, or do they just focus on providing an audio transcription. What do you require from a provider?
  • Can the software be integrated with platforms such as Zoom? What packages do you use and do they support it? Always ask in advance as not all platforms are compatible with software providers, and vice versa.
  • Can they provide your business with fully interactive transcripts that can make your audio searchable? The market is competitive and you have to make any content you produce—from articles to essays—informative and engaging.
  • Do they harness both artificial and human intelligence to provide you with the best and most accurate results?
  • How accurate are the transcriptions? The accuracy of transcriptions is essential if you are to maintain your businesses share of the market, and potentially increase it in the near future.
  • What is the turnaround time when using the software? Does it provide instant results or do you have to wait? If there is a wait this will need to be taken into consideration on you part.
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Once you have the answers to the essential questions you have posed, you then need to do a bit more research and look at what other people and businesses are saying. Reviews are valuable and worth their weight in gold. Research what other business users and owners are saying, and once you have a good idea and feel for the providers it is not time to narrow down your choice and select a provider.

Narrowing Your Choices And Selecting A Provider

Now it is time to decide which software provider you will go with. Before committing it is worth checking to see how long you are tied into a package for. Can you leave early, do you have to pay upfront, and how do you pay? It is also worth exploring what packages the provider offers. Do they offer more than one? If they offer multiple packages can you switch between them, or are you committed to one package for a set amount of time. If it is a rolling month-to-month package then does this suit you better than paying for each transcription as it is done? You may need to even pay upfront on an annual basis, so find out how and when you will pay sooner rather than later.

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