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Source 2 Game Engine Coming To CS: GO On May 18th


For quite some time now, there have been speculations that Source 2, Valve’s new game engine, is coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

According to a claim raised on Chinese social media Weibo, Source 2 is coming to CS: GO as early as May 18th.

Valve is huge and holds a special place in the heart of gamers. Valve owns Steam, the most popular gaming platform in the world, and it is additionally the developer of big names like Dota, Half-Life, and Counter-Strike.

All three games that were mentioned have millions of players worldwide.

The Counter-Strike series has been around since 1999. Although the game has stayed mostly the same, there have been changes in both appearance and dynamics. The most recent Counter-Strike game is Global Offensive, and it was released in 2012.

Whenever Valve makes a big change to a game, it usually has something to do with the game engine. For example, the Source 2 engine was announced in 2015. It was used in Dota 2 and changed its name to Dota 2 Reborn. It was a huge overhaul of the whole game system.

The company used the new engine on other games, such as Half-Life: Alyx and Dota Underlords.

When it comes to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, it’s their currently most successful game, and without a doubt, more people will want to try out the game.

The CS: GO community is a huge one, one of the biggest in the world. It’s one of the biggest esports titles, and it’s bringing in huge viewership numbers.

Apart from viewing tournaments online, gamers like to bet on as it makes them more engaged in the competitions, and they feel like they support their favorite teams like that.

Of course, there is a huge chance to win some serious money if the team you support wins the whole tournament.

Information Coming From China

Counter-Strike Global Offensive players have been asking for Source 2 to be added to the game for years, and it seems to be finally happening. Valve didn’t show their hands in this poker game, and we have no idea how CS: GO will look with the new engine. Some creative fans are making their own photos of how the game should or might look.

According to the Chinese social media Weibo, Valve has added Source 2 to CS: GO, and the update is scheduled to happen on May 18th.

A high representative of the company also said: “Source 2 will be coming to CS: GO shortly.”

That has made the fans very excited, and everyone is impatiently waiting to see it finally.

Of course, without an official statement from Valve, it will be impossible to put to rest doubts of Source 2 arriving to CS: GO soon.

The COVID-19 situation is breaking concurrent player records on games these days, but the quarantines will end one day, and people will stop playing.

Something new needs to be added to CS: GO to keep the game fresh and alive, and the Source 2 engine might be the answer to that problem.

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