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Sony vs Microsoft Predictions For VR Gaming


More than three years have passed since Microsoft hinted that VR games will come to Xbox after the first experiments take place. VR is becoming the next big thing in gaming, but according to Microsoft’s management, it’s not. They say that no one is asking for VR games, which is why they still haven’t made it to the market. In reality, that means that it’s like that the newest generation of Xbox still won’t have the feature.

On the other hand, Sony has also introduced its 5th generation console, which will have full PlayStation VR compatible support. Both companies have very different views about the future of VR gaming, so let’s see who is right about what’s to come.

The current VR market

According to Microsoft, the VR market is just too small to invest in, but Sony has a different view. The company sold close to 7 million PSVRs all over the globe in 2019, becoming the leading VR platform. Both consoles are designed for playing video games, and until we don’t see an increase in VR AAA titles, the market won’t expand too much. But when Half Life Alyx becomes available, it’s going to be the first major title ever to require a VR set. Gamers all over the planet are hoping that that will be a breaking point for the new technology. We’re going to stick to playing free sex games until then.

The current VR market is dominated by Sony, as Oculus Rift only sold 1.5 million devices last year. The third place goes to HTC’s Vive, which sold 1.3 million devices, Oculus Go with 700,000, and Oculus Quest with around 400,000 shipments. Most of them were probably sold to people who like to fool around in VR online sex games. Being as it is, the market is still growing and it’s surely going to continue the same path in the near future.

According to the current estimates, the VR market is going to see a 40% increase over the past year when it added up to $3.2 billion. VR headsets are becoming more available to consumers around the world, so it’s likely that the market will at least double in size until 2025. Xbox will launch the “Xbox Scarlett” sometime in 2020, and since most consoles have a cycle of six years, the VR market looks very promising.

Different views on gaming in the future

It’s clear that Sony is thinking a few steps ahead of Microsoft. In fact, the company proved to have a better feeling for things when it released PS Now in 2014, two years before Google launched Stadia and when Facebook released Oculus Rift. The management of Sony is clearly making the right moves and pushing VR technology as fast as possible.

The company surely didn’t expect such a massive expansion of VR, but this is what earned over 20% of its revenue in 2019. Sony has always been the leader in the gaming console market, which gives it more room to experiment, leading to cool concepts that keep pushing standards ever further.

PlayStation 5 will become available this year, and instead of working as a cloud platform, it will prefer locally installed games. The VR sets will be available only for the most passionate gamers and a few lucky first-buyers. The VR gaming market has about 500 titles so far, but it’s surely going to expand rapidly in the next few years. We can’t wait to play the best free sex games in VR mode.

Microsoft wanted to bring something to the table, but when Kinect turned out to be unpopular, the company decided to think twice before making the next step. Poor decision making within the company has all but killed the VR headset idea, as Microsoft fears it will share the same fate as Kinect. They decided to focus more on Xbox Live and Game Pass, as well as Mixer, their streaming platform. While Sony is taking steps into the unknown, Microsoft chooses to play according to the well-known rules on the market.

Microsoft could lose the battle

No one knew that Microsoft’s Kinect would flop so badly. PS4 absolutely dominated the market with their offer, and more and more gamers decided to go with Sony. Microsoft is trying hard to avoid the same fate with Xbox Scarlett. They have their work cut out for them as Sony is already making huge plans in the VR department. Microsoft’s VR story is nearing its make or break moments.

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