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Three Software Which Changed the Face of E-Commerce


E-commerce is the new way that business is being done today. With the internet increasingly inhabiting every aspect of your life, conducting your business and spending habits on the net makes sense.

Running your very own online business is a fantastic way not only to make some good money but to also enjoy being your own boss and working from the comfort of your own home.

To help you to get the most out of running your e-commerce business, you need to know about what game-changing software is out there to get you from working like an amateur to working like a seasoned professional.

What is e-commerce software?

First of all, you need to be able to define what e-commerce software is before you can hope to make effective use of it. Working online doesn’t automatically mean that you have an in-depth understanding of technology, so taking the time to go over the basics is always a good use of your time.

Essentially, e-commerce software refers to the engine/engines that power an online, keeping track of inventory, taxes, and processing orders, all together simplifying the overall process of running a shop.

#1 SellerCloud

The first software you need to know about is SellerCloud, which is working at the cutting edge of eBay inventory management. As an online business person, you will already know that being on a platform such as eBay allows you to reach a huge wealth of customers and profit easily. With this in mind, using the integrated SellerCloud technology is a great way to automatically ensure that your inventory records are always up to date and accurate, leaving you with more time to get on with other important tasks.

#2 Shopify

As someone working in the e-commerce industry, the chances are that you have already heard of Shopify at one time or another but perhaps do not know of the benefits it could hold for your business. Some of the benefits of using Shopify include:

  • Being mobile responsive. Not only is there an increase in people shopping online from their laptops, but placing orders from their smartphones is also an option many people are preferring, so being on Shopify ensures you meet this need.
  • Your customers will always be supported with the 24/7 customer care. This is an advantage as it means that even if your customers are shopping in the middle of the night, there will always be someone there to help them complete their purchase.

#3 Google Marketing Platform

The final bit of software that you need to be aware of is the Google Marketing platform. Google is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done online, and you can find what you need to know about the developments of this platform easily so that you can get the most from it. Your e-commerce store needs to abide by Google’s requirements for SEO purposes.

The Google Marketing Platform encompasses analytics, search ads360, and display and video 360 to provide your business with complete and accurate analysis.

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