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Smart Options For The Proper Screen Capture Now


Today it has become especially fashionable to run your blog or channel on YouTube with some professional instructions or useful faq. Thus you not only help other advice, but also earn money on it. Many users are wondering how to record video from the screen and then mount it into a full video.

The user chooses the format, as well as the image quality. Due to the excellent compression ratio, a compromise is achieved between the quality and size of the video.

  • Movavi Screen Capture can work in one of 4 modes of video recording: recording of what is happening on the screen (or its specific area that can be set with the mouse), capturing streaming video, recording games and making screenshots.
  • In this case we have for you an excellent program – Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Utility “2 in 1” – allows you to simultaneously capture video from the computer screen, and then process it to the finished video.
  • As you already understood, the main advantage of Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the combination of two programs at once. Thus, you do not need to download two tools (for recording video from the screen and for editing). You can immediately convert the footage into a presentation, video, video instruction, etc.

Now a little about how the program works: First of all, here it is necessary to emphasize the simplicity and convenience of the user interface. Run the utility and immediately understand what is required of you: immediately set the parameters of the video recording, select the area on the screen for recording, add sound, if necessary, press the buttons on the keyboard, highlight, etc. As you can see, here is a pretty decent set of tools. Then press the REC button!

Monavi Slideshow Maker

The Recording Process:

During recording, you can use the PAUSE or STOP buttons. After stopping the recording from the screen, you can see the preview of your video and correct it. To do this, open it in the editor. There you can add transitions, overlay the desired sound, trim video, insert captions, callouts, highlight a fragment to slow the action, etc. At the end, you can convert the finished video into the desired format, if the standard MKV does not suit you and immediately “pour” it on YouTube.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to use in Movavi Screen Capture Studio. A fairly understandable program with an excellent user interface and advanced features is there. From the advantages of the utility, you can also note the ability to capture audio from multiple audio sources at once, the ability to save the finished video in a format that is convenient for you.

Despite the advanced features of Movavi Screen Capture Studio, newcomers can also use it in this business. Please note that you can download Movavi Screen Capture Studio on both Windows and Mac.

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