Smart Features Of Iconic Electrical Accessories

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smart features of iconic electrical accessories

Technology is treading at a lightning-fast pace, and it becomes essential to embrace the transformations and become future-ready. Indeed, technology has made our lives so much better by increasing efficiency and decreasing work. Today, we have a wide selection of solutions that are efficient and highly necessary for our future-ready lives when it comes to home accessories. We all are familiar with the PDL Iconic series, a range of electrical accessories that are designed with technology and innovative features. The range of products in this series excels in both functionality and style. These are the perfect addition to your home to make it look stylish and fulfills its usability.

What is the Standard PDL Iconic Range?

It is a range of aesthetic and highly functional electrical accessories that your home needs. These are available in different skins that perfectly blend in with your décor. Modern elegance has remained the theme for all the products from the PDL Iconic series.

What Are The Smart Features Of PDL Iconic Series?

The Iconic products are brimmed with features that will make your tasks simply easier. All the products from PDL Iconic series are jam-packed with smart features that you can hardly find anywhere else. Let’s take a look at some noteworthy features of Iconic.

USB Charger With Shelf

Are you fed up with cluttered kitchen tables and side tables? Well, not anymore, as Iconic brings you a USB charger that comes with a little shelf to hold your devices. The three socket USB charger has an optional shelf that can hold up to two phones and one tablet. It is an ideal addition to your living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

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Connecting Devices

PDL Iconic series has connectivity features that keep you connected while at home. It has a range of modern designs offering a variety of options for connecting computers, smart devices, audio devices, TVs, etc. The Iconic allows you to connect six different devices into an Iconic product. It is an intelligent way to control your electrical accessories even when you are not around.

Night Walk Feature

Forget about stumbling at night during a walk from your room to the kitchen or anywhere else with the Iconic’s Night Walk. You just have to plug in the Nigh Walk accessory into the Iconic double power point. Subtle LED lights create a safe path for you throughout the home when movement is detected. If you have kids, you must definitely think about products from PDL Iconic series to get this feature.

Bluetooth Control

No need to get up for turning on/off the lights; simply an app would be sufficient. With Iconic Bluetooth, you can control the Iconic product with an app. Dim your lights, set timers, heat up your rails and do more with the Wiser Room app. It is an ideal feature for a home with elderly people as it will give them the required assistance to control electrical accessories.

Energy Saving Sensors

Are you worried about increasing electricity bills? If yes, then you should think about Iconic electrical appliances for your home. The PDL Iconic series offers energy-saving sensors that will immediately turn off the lights when no one is in the room. No need to keep an eye on the lights and turn it off whenever you leave the room.

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The Bottom Line

Your home is where you spend the majority of your time, make sure it is efficient and aesthetic. PDL Iconic series can simply turn your home into a smart space. All you need to do is choose the right product that meets your requirements to enjoy these features.

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