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Skills That Could Help You Land an Online Job While Studying


The last thing that any student would want after hours of classes is work. Attending classes alone can be draining enough, let alone heading for work after that. It’s difficult to balance student and work life together. But what if you found a way to earn money at home comfortably and at your own pace? That is exactly what you could expect from an online job. Now you can study while earning money all from the comforts of your home.

Many places like Salarship offer online jobs for students that can help you earn a living without being too disruptive on your schoolwork. You do not need time to learn a new skill, either. All you need is a computer, internet connectivity, and an ability that you never thought would come in handy this early in your life.

Hard Skills

Let us start with your more obvious skills. Hard skills are abilities that can be taught and are easier to measure. They are things that you learned in a classroom or from a book. Here are some of the skills most students have that can help them earn money online.

Writing Skills

With all the content that companies or even enterprising individuals need to put online, they often need the help of a freelance writer or copywriter. You could start by writing for blog sites, which are shorter and less precise, then move to site content for business websites. Writing e-books is something you could look forward to as you gain more experience. If you have advanced writing skills, you could also try editing.

Communication and Typing Skills

If you enjoy interacting with people through video or voice calls and have decent typing speed (60 to 100 words per minute), then you could earn by being an online virtual assistant. A virtual assistant helps businesses or individuals by scheduling appointments, managing events, or even running personal errands online. Writing skills may also be needed to become a virtual assistant as some of the correspondence could be through email, or you could be asked to prepare reports.

Language Skills

If you are fluent in at least two languages, then you can work as an online translator. For many international businesses, having an online presence in the local language is one way to grow their brand. Individuals may also need to have documents or even voice recordings translated for work or school. Some of the most-translated languages are Chinese, French, Korean, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Computer Skills

Programming and graphic design are two of the most common online jobs for students where you can make use of your computer skills. For graphic design, drawing skills would be useful on top of your IT skills. It would help you be more effective in communicating information and ideas through images, which is basically what graphic designers do using Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

As for programming, you can begin with coding jobs, which is simpler to do than analyzing and implementing algorithms or understanding data structures. Python is a good language for this, even for beginners.

Soft Skills

These skills are subjective and open for the interpretation of whoever is asked. They are harder to quantify than the previously discussed hard skills, but equally needed for one important reason – your hard skills will land you that online job, your soft skills will help you keep it, even move up the career ladder.

Problem-Solving Skills

In most jobs, whether online or offline, you would encounter problems and challenges on any given day. It could be a difficult client, work interruptions, or anything that could keep you from doing your job or doing it well. Your ability to analyze the situation and come up with a solution is critical in these situations and would be appreciated by your client, boss, or whoever you are working with.


Working online does not mean you work alone. You could be a part of a team of writers, or what you do could only be one step of a long process. Your ability to be productive while working with others will be useful not only to get your work done but to help others with their jobs. This will help you later down the road when you start working full-time.

Time Management and Organizational Skills

One problem with working while studying is how to find time to do both well. Effective time management and organizational skills will help you deal with this. Your ability to prioritize and schedule multiple tasks will help you manage the load and be effective.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still unresolved, it’s uncertain when we can return to normal life and travel outside like before. Applying for online jobs from reputable places like Salarship can help alleviate some of these anxieties. It is a way to help your parents generate income at a time when job security is uncertain. More importantly, you can do it safely at home. Now more than ever, is the best time to get an online job.

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