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Six Qualities to Look for in a Designer


Trusting someone else to handle any aspect of your business is a scary venture. If you are looking for web design in Northwich, you want someone experienced but affordable. You can find high-quality developers who have only certificates, while others have degrees. Therefore, it is important to know what qualities to look for when hiring someone to create a webpage for your company.

Thinks Outside the Box

Your online presence needs to grab a potential client’s attention immediately. Therefore, you want a designer who thinks creatively to provide something unique but effective. Listen to ideas they have on using different font styles, but be prepared to keep some aspects simple. They should know how to create a happy middle between attention-grabbing and static aspects.

Problem Solver

Developers need to be able to help you solve design problems. One reason hiring someone who understands code is better is the ability to find and fix bugs. Let your designer know what your brand’s goals are and problems you have run into reaching them.

Handles Criticism

Anytime you put several opinions in one room, you will have disagreements. If the person working on your website is unable to handle criticism or is unwilling to consider other options, you are going to struggle to create a site. Therefore, make sure you find someone willing to make changes without sparking an argument. While there will be frustrations along the way, you want a web designer who responds in a friendly manner. Remote work has made this more of a challenge, so consider holding zoom calls with screen sharing. You can discuss aspects in real-time while getting a feel of your designer’s personality.

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Able to Adapt

Websites from the early 2000 and today are very different in look and reach. Designers who can adapt to the trends of today provide you a site that will generate more leads. You want someone who can take your current site, if you have one, and update it for optimal search engine requirements. Developers should be flexible with different design styles and methods instead of only working in one direction.


You do not want a developer that you must constantly check-in on. Motivation is important with contract work. Search for a designer who has a reputable work history showing the ability to take information and run with it. While this does not mean they will need to meet with you to answer questions, they should be able to offer significant progress at each meeting.


Finally, you want someone working on your webpage who is meticulous about details. They should know how CSS adjustments will affect the overall appearance of your site. Experienced designers can find bugs creating problems on your page by just reading the code. However, you want a person who can remain on track without getting hung up on minor detail changes.

Knowing what you are looking for in your website is stage one in creating an online presence. It is harder to find the perfect person to make that dream a reality. Use these qualities during the interview process to find the right fit for you.

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