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We need to show or hide files and folders many times. Suppose you want to do some advance settings on your computer then you may need to show system protected hidden files and folders along with normal files hidden by user. Suppose your friend has some of his data hidden from public use and you find that interesting. In such situation, you will want to access your friend’s private data. (You know what I Mean!). Everyone wants maximum privacy in today’s time.

In recent article, when I talked about How to copy files directly to folder by SEND TO drop-down menu, we needed to show system protected hidden files and folders there.

So, here I’m going to show how to do this.

How to hide files and folders on computer:-

Before showing hidden files, you may need to learn how to hide files and folders. Move on if you already know about this.

  • Open windows explorer from desktop and go to the file(s) which you want to hide.
  • Select file(s) and open properties by right clicking and selecting Properties.
  • On Properties windows, under General tab, check the “Hidden” box and click apply and OK.

How to Show Hidden files and folders on windows 7/8:-

We know windows 7 and 8 are little different in user interface. So, I have separated both on the basis of their edition.

Show Hidden files and folders on windows 7

  1. Open Windows Explorer from desktop.
  2. Click on Organize> Change Folder and Search Options.
  3. Change to View tab.
  4. Here, you can choose whether to Show or Hide files on your computer. You can also show/hide system protected files/folders. After you choose your option. Click OK.
  5. Show Hidden Files and Folders on windows 8/8.1
  6. Open windows Explorer (By double-clicking on This PC icon).
  7. Click on View tab on Ribbon Bar. Select Options.
  8. New windows opens. Change to view tab.
  9. Choose options to Show/Hide Hidden files on computer. Click OK.
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How to disable Ribbon Bar in Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8/8.1 came up with a new style to show change options. But if you don’t like the Ribbon bar then you can disable it and switch back to old simple Windows 7 style.

You can download Ribbon Disabler.

It contains both x86 and x64 verisons of windows tool. Choose one which type of architecture you are using of Windows 8/8.1. Windows will Log Out and Log In again to take effects.

Using Ribbon Disabler, you can either disable or enable Ribbon on Windows 8/8.1.

Feel free to ask doubts in comments below. Thanks for the read.

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