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Should You Take Shopify Courses?


Without further ado, let’s just start this article by answering one basic question you’re all curious about:

What is Shopify?

It is a SAAS meaning software as a service it is called a shopping cart solution of this century. This is a great and popular service for businesses in making their service known and gives their clients easier access. A monthly fee is paid so you can gain access to an admin panel that allows you to enter and store data about your business or what you are selling. This includes adding content and photos of your products and it also helps you process orders.

It is also known for its low start-up cost and its interface that is very easy to use. You can already start up an online store in less than a week for just as low as $29 monthly. Many merchants are happy and were able to start their business right having this as a solution. Shopify also covers your concerns about peak hours and site crashing due to site traffic. It also protects your site from hijackers and hackers. Plus your subscription also has a 24/7 customer support. Check out other ways you can protect your business:

Bright Side of Shopify

Bright Side of Shopify

Low Costing – It provides its consumers an all in one solution for their businesses at a very low price of $29/month. This gives each business owner the opportunity to sell their products without hurting their pockets. It is very affordable that even small starting companies can use this.

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Easy To Use Interface – People love using this software as it is very friendly to the user and is built for basically anyone to use. Adding content and products and processing orders is just as easy as counting 1, 2, and 3. The drag and drop editing tool is self-explanatory and made for merchants to easily edit their web design.

Free Themes – They also provide a wide range of themes that varies from what each merchant wants for their site. It is free and is responsive mobile themes. On the other hand, they provide premium paid themes if you want more.

24/7 Customer Support – Access for technical and customer service support is available any hour of the day any day of the week. This makes each merchant at ease and leaves them without any worries. You can choose from phone support, live-chat, email and they even have self-help options as well.

Merchant Protect – It has a 99.9% uptime and provides a free SSL certificate that will cover each and every merchant protection against site crashing during peak hours or people hacking their payment transactions.

How About The Darker Side?

Functions May Be Limited – Since the starting prices are very low, it limits the merchants ability to make their site how they want it to be. Some businesses require more functionality to meet their business requirements and this leads to paid add-ons to reach your goal. It may lead to adding a lot of it and makes your price go up unexpectedly.

Add Ons – With its start-up price you can only gain basic features that may not be enough for what you really need to make your site more attractive and easier for your users. Your shopping cart may need to pay for more fees in order to meet what you need for your specific business. Add-ons can be doubled as to what you pay for your monthly fee. Of course, every cent is worth what you get in return.

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Taking Shopify Courses

Taking Shopify Courses

Knowing the software more and being able to know how the whole structure works will help you gain more knowledge and be able to expand ways in using Shopify to a win!

After purchasing or enrolling on their monthly membership, don’t set it up right away. Learn the basics so you’ll be a pro.

You can purchase a coaching membership and get access to a full course that includes five different modules and a wide range of learning videos that you can dive in. Learning the ways will not just help you with the work a rounds but will also help you in making your shopping cart easier to use.

You need to choose the right courses in order to be successful in using Shopify.

Here are 5 courses that you may need:

5 courses that you may need

#1 Niche Training Course – You have to know your and study your target market. This kind of course will help you gain more clients and use your shopping cart to its limit. Finding the most popular course for this will help you gain or earn more money for your business. This should include presentation skills, media training, instructional design and social media prospecting.

#2 Shopify Training – After purchasing it does give you some basic courses to learn more, however finding other ways to train yourself in getting more knowledge about how to use this effectively is a must. To build your business and make it profitable it boils down to how you manage your cart well. Knowing the right tools to use and how everything works.

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#3 Clickfunnels Training – Make sure when you are choosing a course it also includes how to use clickfunnels (read more). This will be your entire marketing and sales team in one tool. Knowing how to use this and how it works as your marketing and sales team is a big plus. It will also ease your work as the tool covers your entire marketing and sales strategies in one. It is the number one sales builder in the market nowadays.

#4 Support and Community – Always know the community where you’re marketing, sales and clients circle. Learn courses that include how you can expand your range of customers and what support you can get from your existing ones. People get you money so you have to learn what you can about them. Of course, you can avoid making unwise decisions by educating yourself so be sure to check out this list of top shopify courses here.

#5 Overall Content – Find courses that include everything – from how your business works in comparison with other similar businesses down to more intricate stuff. Learn how to get good and excellent content for your products and how you can manage all your tools in just one click. Everything should be at your fingertips and learning how all of these works will make your business successful.

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