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How To Share Android Apps With Friends Instantly


Android carries everything in its pocket. Starting from a huge number of smartphones for all the different kinds of people to extremely talented and useful apps and games. You can spend a gold time along with a good Android smartphone. There are numerous reasons available which helps Android to to stand on the number one position. And the best one is its Google Play Store.

It’s a hub for apps and games. Being an open source Platform Android allows all the developers to test and put their own developed apps on this hub. And for this reason, there are Millions of apps and games present in this hub. Apart from this, there comes a time when a friend of yours need the apps which are being installed on your phone. I am sure you don’t know the way of sharing installed apps with your friends. For that, we have prepared a tutorial on, how to share Android apps with friends on the go. Follow the below given tutorial and see the actual way of sharing apps with your friends.

Of course, as I said there are plenty of apps you would be found to do the same process from your Android device. However, the app which we are going to recommend is tested and passed. We already are using the same app on our present Android devices to share all the installed apps and games with one another. Before to get on to the tutorial, let’s catch some of the very useful features of the app named as MyAppSharer. Here’s the list!

List of features of MyAppSharer

  • A complete user friendly app for all types of Android smartphones
  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • User can send either a link or a direct APK file to the recipient
  • User can store the files directly to the Dropbox or Google Drive
  • User can share any of the installed apps via Bluetooth, Dropbox, Facebook, WhatsApp and so many other ways

So folks, these were all the so useful features of this amazing app sharing app, MyAppSharer. I am pretty much sure that you already are blown away after seeing all these features. Now, let’s see how the app is actually works on Android smartphone. You might want to see some screenshots too and for that, somehow we have managed to bring them into the tutorial.

How To Share Android Apps With Friends Instantly with MyAppSharer

Step 1 :

Make sure that MyAppSharer app is installed on your Android smartphone. If it doesn’t have this app installed in it, kindly follow the below link from where you can download this app for free.

Step 2 :

Click on to the above given link and you will be redirected to the official page of this app on Google Play Store. Click on to the Install button, accept terms and conditions. Complete all the basic instructions and downloading process will take place. Soon, the app will be installed on your device via your own Google account.

Step 3 :

Now, after that open the app. You would see a very clear homepage of the app along with all the previously installed apps and games on your present Android smartphone.

Step 4 :

Besides all the installed apps and games’ list you would have noticed a tick mark box. Make sure to tick mark the box of the apps which you want to share with your friends.

Step 5 :

After proceeding this, you can see other options on the same page like Bluetooth or Dropbox or WhatsApp and all. These options are there to let you choose with which way you want to share the selected apps and games. You either can select Bluetooth or can select WhatsApp.

Step 6 :

If you are about to select any other option except Bluetooth, make sure that both of the device should be connected with Internet in order to communicate with one another. If you are sending the app on WhatsApp, you should have to be connected with the Internet.

Step 7 :

At the time of sharing the app, make sure to select an appropriate option like just a download link or a whole APK file of the select app. You can see both the options on the homepage very easily! And then hit the Share button. Select the option and you’re good to go!

What’s your thoughts on this? Have you ever heard of this app before? Do you know any other such app sharing app? Which app are you currently using on your phone? Do share your experiences and views with us. Meanwhile, if you have any other questions or queries to be asked, feel free to drop them our into the below given comment sections. We would like to help you out with all the possible way. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed, till then stay tuned with us and get all the useful tips and tricks with us on the go!

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