Seven Facts About Earning Free Money That Will Blow Your Mind

Issac Glantz
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seven facts about earning free money

Firstly, free money is any money that you earn while putting in little to no effort. Historically, this was almost impossible. However, the internet has created many opportunities for income, and anyone can now make money rather straightforwardly. Despite this, most people are still unaware of such opportunities.

In this article, we will try to change that by telling you seven different facts about free money. After you go through these seven facts, you should easily be able to add a couple of additional income sources that get you free money every single month.

Free Money Is Limited

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy for you to make free money nowadays. However, do not expect to live off it. Usually, most methods of earning free money will only get you between $10-50 a month. Still, it is better than having nothing at all.

The Way To Maximize Free Money Is To Have Multiple Sources

Just like having multiple income streams is important in your career, it is also the same case when it comes to free money. If you have a lot of sources from where you earn free money, then you can make a few hundred dollars every single month. It’s all about the number of sources that can generate you free money!

The More You Spend, The Bigger Your Chances To Earn Free Money

Most free money comes in the form of cashback and special offers. Those who love to shop can make use of services such as Rakuten and Ibotta to earn money by shopping through them. These apps make a small amount of money whenever you shop using the app because they are bringing a new customer to the store. Then, they share some of that money with you.

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Your Phone Is Your Best Friend For Making Free Money

While you can also use a computer, most free money nowadays comes in the form of apps. This is because everyone carries their phone with them where they go. Businesses are aware of this and try to make sure their service is accessible at all times.

Some Free Money Apps Require You To Do Nothing

Most free money requires you to put in a minimal amount of effort. However, there are a few ways to earn money by doing absolutely nothing. A great example of this is Honeygain, which shares your internet’s bandwidth with its partners and pays you for it.

Honeygain will use a part of bandwidth that is currently not in use, and you will make money from it. Most users report earning between $20-30 every month using this method.

However, those with great internet connections, more than 1 device, and multiple referrals have reported making over $50 per month!

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You Need To Beware Of Scams

Since the idea of free money is so enticing, there have been many scams revolving around it. You must research any opportunity to make free money before you dive into it.

The best way to make sure that a particular app or service is legitimate is by searching the internet for user reviews. Scams tend to be made public very fast. As such, people will have reported them across various channels such as Reddit.

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Avoid Free Money With Extremely High Withdrawal Limits

Lastly, you need to avoid apps that let you make free money but do not allow you to withdraw it so easily. Any app that requires you to have $100 in your account before you can withdraw it is probably not worth it. Apps like these initially provide you high payouts but eventually decrease them. This makes reaching the withdrawal limit extremely difficult.

Most legitimate apps have a withdrawal limit set between $10-$30. Try to use this as an indicator as to whether you should use the app.


The web is full of apps and websites that provide free money. As long as you stringently follow the seven facts mentioned above, you should be able to make quite a bit of money.

Remember to research if an app is legit before you begin its use. Also, try to have as many free income sources as possible. Perhaps, an excellent starting point for everyone could be Honeygain, as it requires no effort from their users.

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