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Biggest SEO Trends That Help Small Businesses During the Post-pandemic Era 


Sydney has one of the most dynamic economies in the world. New South Wales’s cultural and business capital city has an advanced market economy, making the city the best place to open and operate a small business. Areas like Surry Hills, Parramatta, Newtown, and the Sydney CBD are filled with thriving startups and small businesses that help boost the city’s revenues. To help these businesses survive, marketing strategies like SEO Sydney strategies become a vital part of the business process.

But due to the hurdles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses have to be more diligent in their SEO plans. Since operations are limited due to government restrictions, they need to promote their products and services to their customers online. So if you are running a small business in Sydney and want to do more for your business, you need to learn all the latest SEO trends that work during the post-pandemic period.

Optimising Content For Mobiles

Based on the 2018 Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey, 89% of the respondents in Australia own and use a smartphone. The report also mentioned that more Australians depend on their smartphones than their laptops.

Since Google rolled out a new algorithm update in July 2021, user-friendly websites have more opportunities to rank higher than those that did not exert effort to improve their site. You can check if your current website complies with the 2021 Google Page Experience update to ensure that you have optimised your site’s content for mobile phones.

Work on Featured Snippets

Another helpful SEO Sydney strategy that works during the post-pandemic is targeting featured snippets. While this technique is not exactly new, Google began to prioritise authoritative, informational, and trustworthy content over the usual SEO factors such as keyword density when the lockdown started. Because of this, it is necessary to come up with content that provides specific questions that are significant for your users.

You can create relevant and search engine-friendly snippets by focusing on question-based queries that the users will most likely use. It will also help optimise Google’s “people also ask” search function to get inspiration.

Posting Online Learning and Video Tutorials

Since most people have to stay home to avoid contracting the virus, they have more time to spend online learning. They can go online to look for video guides and tutorials to start a new hobby or learn a new thing to improve their craft.

You can take advantage of this trend by posting video content on your site. It would be best to post instructional videos about the proper use of your products or guides for optimising your services. It will attract your target audience to your website, thus improving your search engine rankings.

Maximising Voice Technology

The proliferation of smart home products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa made voice technology more significant today. It means people do not have to type their queries in a search engine to get the answers they need. Instead, they can simply ask their questions out loud.

You can tap into this trend by focusing on the keywords used in your SEO strategy. You may include different common phrases used in regular conversations to make it easier for the search engine to recognise your queries.

Small businesses in Sydney will have better chances of thriving during the post-pandemic period with the help of relevant SEO strategies. But you need to ensure that you will incorporate the latest trends in SEO practices to assist you in reaching the top of the search engine ranks.

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