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Best SEO Tool For Small Business Owners


Fears cloud most entrepreneurs like yourself on how to breakthrough established businesses that have formed a canopy in the market. Never express fear, since it has never been a strategy in business. The great news for your small business is here!

This article is designed for you. It outlines tools that help you monitor the established entities and design strategies that will guide you in outranking them in the long run.

Get the following SEO tools and use them alongside the best rank tracker to optimize your website’s ranking in multiple search engines!

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner gives you the most fruitful words to use as your keywords. All you need to do is enter your preferred keyword, and it provide thousands of related phrases. Out of this, you can come up with competitive alternatives that will make your content a darling for search engines, especially Google.

Based on the keywords you intend to use, Google Keywords Planner will give you an average rate at which their related phrases have occurred for a month. Simply put, this tool will helps optimize the keywords search; which will later translate o high rankings in Google.

SEO Spider Tool

SEO Spider tool is also known as Web Crawler. Besides saving your time and energy, the tool gives you in-depth analytics of your site. It crawls through the website and provides the following information:

  • Broken links and the URLs. At what point does a link become a broken link? A broken link means the page cannot be accessed. This situation can be caused by:
  1. removal by the website owner
  2. The website owner entering the wrong URL
  3. A firewall blocking the link.
  • Duplicated pages
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page headings etc.

Google Search Console

Google console keeps your website on the check. The tool will detect any error that occurs on your site and display it on the dashboard. With constant use of Google console, you will keep your website healthy and efficient.

All the security threats in your website will be shown by this tool. However, it is essential to protect your site from cybercrime by installing the right defense like a firewall. For more natural management, configure email alerts that will allow you to get information in case of security or other errors that may occur on your website.

Domain Indexing Report

Domain indexing tool assists small business owners to be aware of their rivals in the market. DIR will check through major search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo and index all pages for the websites you take interest in. You will be able to get the performance of each page web you enter. With this kind of report, you can tell the position of your website compared to competing sites.

As a small business owner, go back to the drawing board and check which pages on your websites are facing unfavorable competition. Then, invest in keyword search to optimize them. Domain Index Report will reflect all the changes in the ratings – either a site’s traffic improving or decrease in traffic.

Content Checker

Content checker is a tool that analyzes your posts against duplication. The Similar Page Checker assesses the content you want to post and alerts you if it is similar to another in the web.

As your business grows you will be filling your websites with content. It is possible that you have different content creators, and it is most likely that they will seek information from online sources. Similar page checker will help them write original content. This will make visitors get value from your site; hence there are high chances you will get massive organic traffic.

Google Analytics

Google analytic gives you the experience you need on the website. The tool monitors the sources of traffic to your web. Knowing these sources is vital for future optimization.

Through this tool, you will know the keywords that users type in search engines to get to your site. Once you get this information, you will be able to generate more effective keywords to increase the rate of accessibility for your target audience.

Google Analytics will alerts you through reports, and informs the best time to reach a particular group of people.

The fact that you have just started your business does not make it small forever. Improve the sales by widening your market outreach. Get yourself a keyword tool that will help you get exact words that your target market use to get into sites similar to yours. Other tools such as the Google Analytic and Domain Indexing Report will help you analyze the trends in the market, and the overall performance of your website. Get yourself a content checker to maintain originality in content. After you have done all this, sit back and watch your business grow tremendously.

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