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9 SEO Tactics You Should Be Using But Aren’t


You probably hear about the importance of SEO all the time. And yet, many small businesses lack SEO knowledge.

Of course, there are many complicated aspects of SEO that you need to learn about if you want to climb to the top of search engine results pages.

But, there are also a bunch of basic SEO tactics that you should be using but aren’t right now. This is where you need to start to launch your business online.

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#1 Speed Up Your Website’s Loading Time

How much patience do you think your audience has?

Sure, they may wait a couple of seconds for your website to load. But, after a while, they’ll simply leave and go elsewhere.

According to surveys, over 40 percent of internet users say that they will always abandon a website after 3 seconds.

This can not just frustrate the people who want to convert into customers. But, also it damages your SEO standing in the eyes of search engines.

Google takes into account the loading speed of websites when determining the rankings on results pages. Anything you can remove to speed up your website’s loading needs to be fixed immediately.

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#2 Build Links With Other Websites

You want to try to convince other websites to link back to your website. This is viewed as a seal of approval from Google.

That’s why you need to do anything you can do to improve your connection to other websites with authority in your niche.

If you produce poor quality content, nobody will want to link to your website. So, you need to make sure you generate content that’s worth linking to.

If you work with the Top SEO Agencies, they will emphasize how important content is for delivering results from guest posting and link building strategies.

Whether it be for your own website blog or for guest posting, creating SEO friendly content is a great way to improve digital performance through SEO.

#3 Create Content Your Audience Actually Wants

You can concentrate too much on how you can appeal to search engines. But, actually, you need to create content that your audience wants.

If you achieve this, then the search engine will also bolster your rankings on results pages as well.

So, make sure you write blogs that are engaging and interesting. Don’t try to trick the search engine. Write as though someone’s actually going to read it.

#4 Add Meta Descriptions for Your Web Pages

First impressions count.

When your audience sees the link to your website, the meta descriptions are one of the first things they see.

If you have a poor meta description, this could turn off your audience.

Make sure your description is relevant. Ensure that you’re not duplicating content on your meta description either.

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You’ll be penalized by Google if you have a poor or duplicated meta-description.

#5 Include Excellent URLs

Your URL is the name of your web pages. If your audience can’t read this, Google will say the same.

Always avoid URLs that look like this:

Instead, you should fix it to look like this:

This should help to further boost your ranking on Google’s search engine results pages.

You can learn more about these SEO tactics by getting in touch with professional SEO experts.

#6 Take Advantage of Web Analytics

If you aren’t using web analytics for your website, then you could find yourself falling behind.

There are around 11% of businesses that don’t already use web analytics. This is a tool to help you determine what’s working and what’s not.

If you don’t have the data on your web traffic, how can you determine how you can improve your organic SEO?

There are many free and budget-friendly web analytics tools. Just get started now to make sure you’re benefiting from the knowledge.

#7 Develop Your Social Media Presence

If you don’t have social media, then you need to set up one up now. Nearly 40 percent of businesses still don’t have social media accounts.

And yet, social media is the most affordable and effective way to put positive social signals out there for your company’s website.

Many social media networks can work like search engines. If you provide searchable content, it could be discovered on Facebook or Twitter.

Moreover, you can also drive web traffic through social media. Promote your products or content via Instagram or Snapchat.

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#8 Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

More searches happen on mobile devices than they do on desktops.

You shouldn’t simply create your website for desktop users. You need to think about your audience on smartphones and tablets. Hence, you can check out this company for better results.

If your website is especially slow on smartphones or doesn’t fit the smaller screen, then mobile users will avoid your website.

This is also penalized by Google. You cannot afford to miss out on the chance to generate more and more customers for your company.

#9 Always Include Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases that your audience searches for when they use search engines.

You need to stand out from the crowd by using specific keywords. You can find out how to optimize searches for your website with a keyword planner. But, you may also want to brainstorm different keywords that are relevant to your niche.

Since more and more people are using voice search, search results need to adapt to human language.

This means that you also need to include long-tail keywords in your content. For example, instead of typing “capital of France?”, users will search “what is the capital of France?”.

Learn About SEO Tactics and Beyond

You have probably heard about the importance of SEO. Don’t worry. There are many simple things you can do to improve your ranking on Google.

Following our SEO tactics can take you from a bottom of the pile to top of the search engine results pages. But, you may need help to stay there.

Do you want to discover more about how to build your business online? Check out our blog for much more!

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