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5+ SEO Copywriting Tips Every New Content Writer Must Practice


Professional copywriting and web content publishing is the latest way to rake good money. Although Internet has been crowded with content writers, yet the need for a SEO copywriter has always been felt. It is because now the trend has shifted from just writing good blog post towards search engine optimized content.

Easy Tips on Howto be a Successful SEO Copywriter

When we discuss about SEO copywriting, it is often found some content writers get carried away with the SEO part while others concentrate only on copywriting part. This is the reason why we find less successful copywriters today.

A Useful Guide to SEO Copywriting

A smart copywriter is the one who skillfully frames high quality articles for both readers as well as search engines. So inorder to make blog posts easily noticeable and to charge a healthy price, copy writers must practice some proven SEO tips.

I have listed major SEO copywriting tips which every content writer must adopt. Use these SEO tricks and script your own success story as a content writer. Also try AResearchGuide free plagiarism checker  to make your content plagiarism free.

1. Good Headlines Surely Turns Some Heads

The most important part of SEO copywriting is a thoughtful and catchy headline. If you can think of an enticing title for your article, then half the job is done. A well researched SEO friendly title will surely improve CTR and rank higher in search engines. But sadly, it is the most ignored part of content writing.

Tip: Frame a Clickable & Optimized Title

2. Learn the Language of Search Engines as well

SEO copywriting without implementation of optimized techniques is lame. So you need to learn the necessary tips and tricks of search engine optimization. SEO keywords placement is also useful to achieve higher ranks effortlessly. Follow these techniques:

  • Keyword analysis to target specific search queries
  • Proper hierarchical usage and importance of H1, H2, H3 tags
  • Be aware of keyword stuffing and maintain a healthy keyword density
  • Consider synonyms and plurals to rank higher for multiple queries
  • Never underestimate the power of social sharing and book-marking
  • Don’t ignore alt tags of images and meta description tags for search engines
  • Use underlines, italics and bold appropriately and less

Your SEO regime should be: Analyze, Select, Implement and Analyze again.

Tip: Follow White-Hat SEO Techniques Only

3. Maintain a Good Content-to-Code Ratio

Although i could have included this tip under SEO techniques as well, but I decided not to. It is because not many copy writers are aware of it. Content to code ratio as the name suggests is the percentage of code and text present in your soft copy.

Google considers high content-to-code ratio for ranking purposes. So from SEO copywriting point of view, you need to use less formatting as mentioned above. In whichever editor you, ensure that you get rid of unnecessary HTML before publishing your content.

Tip: Use Less iFrames, Ctrl + u, Ctrl + b, Ctrl + i, Embedded Codes

4. Say No to Flashy and Worthless Practices

I know you have been a copywriter for ages or have been staunchly admiring your famous copy writer. But by blindly following old practices is no way going to set your career as a copy writer.

  • Do not over-format your content. Keep it simple, uniform and readable.
  • Use bullet points or break paragraphs frequently
  • Avoid Flash and distractive animations within your content
  • Use frames less and try to avoid them too
  • Keep your reading level to Basic by using simple and commonly used terms

Evolve with time and get rid of all worthless SEO copywriting habits.

Tip: Focus More on Content and Insist Your Readers to do the Same

5. Give Your Best, Nothing Compensates It

A good well researched content is an easy shortcut to success in copywriting. SEO too is important but it is just an ingredient of a good copy. The main recipe is the content. If you can compose a high quality article then still it can rank higher. It would surely get more shares on social networks; more bloggers will link to this master piece and ultimately draw more traffic, improved ROI etc.

Tip: Write High Quality Content Each Time

Yes content writing has evolved over the years. So as a blogger, online publisher or copywriter what changes have you brought in your style of writing SEO rich contents? Share your rich thoughts and experience with SEO copywriting.

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