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Send and Receive Fax by Email : Free Fax Services


Faxing is one of the most secure ways of sending and receiving documents. That is why besides having an old origin, fax still has its place among the most used means of communication.

It might surprise you to know that several billions of faxes are delivered every year. This immense use is all due to the ultimate security features provided by the method of fax. That is why, after all these years, people still entrust their highly confidential documents to fax. And maybe this is the major reason it has a millionaire fan base consisting of individuals and organizations who just cannot let go of it.

The things that are beneficial cannot be let go of that easily and just like that, people like you and us, who have a never-ending love for fax, still continue to use it and benefit from its immense safety pros.

But besides all these pros and plus points, fax has shaded off a little bit. And the major reason might be the unrealistic and impractical requirements imposed by faxing. Prerequisites like fax machines, toner, ink and paper etc. are no longer feasible to use in this advanced era of technology. Hence, people find these necessities difficult to use and slowly drift away from faxing.

But here we have a very feasible and practical solution for all your faxing problems. Now you can easily fax through email. This solution not only carries out the faxing task well but has also made it much easier than before.

CocoFax – Free Fax Service for Faxing Through Email

You can find solutions to every fax problem of yours here on CocoFax. Through CocoFax, you can send free fax here. If you want to know one place which has it all, it is CocoFax that you need. CocoFax is a big name in the faxing world and is used by masses of people all over the world to deliver and get faxes.


With its immense popularity and a customer base of millions, CocoFax stands at the top among all other fax service providers. It provides top quality faxing features and services which make faxing a more pleasant task. CocoFax has also been featured in and reviewed by top media outlets like Forbes, PC World and the New York Times.

CocoFax has given fax a new look. There is absolutely no need for bulky fax machines which not only cost much but also consume quite a lot of space. Gone with the fax machines is the effort to use and maintain them as well. Hence, CocoFax has turned faxing into just a child’s play.

With CocoFax, you can fax through email and from any device you use. This flexibility has done a lot good as there is no restriction on the device or gadget you use. About CocoFax, here are a couple of suggestions to get you started. You can deliver faxes via email from computer, laptop, tablet and even phone.


Why Is There A Need To Use CocoFax?

You might be wondering why is CocoFax even needed? Why can’t we just fax directly from the email? Well, we know what you’re thinking and we will definitely not leave you hanging but provide effective answers to all your queries.

People who have a little know-how about the tech might already know how these things work. As faxing had its origins from a long time ago, at the time when technology was not much advanced, hence faxing incorporates some old techniques. Faxing is done through the use of telephonic lines which then use analog signals to carry out the task of delivering messages.

However, emails incorporate modernized techniques and hence use digital signals for their workings. And you might as well know that digital and analog signals can’t get along well. So how is it that these new methods for faxing are achieved?

This is only done through online fax services that work as a translator between fax and the email client. This way smooth communication is possible. But with fax services, the problem is that not all of them can be trusted or used as mostly are just scams. The only one that can be trusted is CocoFax as it works as it is publicized and hence delivers the best of results.

Pre-requisites For Faxing via Email using CocoFax

When thinking about faxing through CocoFax, there are certain things you need to make sure of. And don’t worry, these are just some simple things and most likely, you would have some of them already.

Internet Connection

Most probably, you all already have it. An internet connection is required for CocoFax to work. Hence you must assure that the device you are going to use is connected to a steady internet connection.

CocoFax Account

For faxing through the fax service CocoFax, you need to have an account with it first. You can register yourself up with CocoFax quite easily. Go to its official site and look for the button for a 30 day free trial.

Click on that button and you will have a full month of free faxing. Through this full month, you will get to have a know-how and can try CocoFax’s services without paying anything.

Fax Number

Fax number is like the soul of faxing. No matter what technique you use for faxing, fax number is required with each and every one. CocoFax takes care of this part as well. We will explain the details later.


Stepwise Guide on Email Faxing via CocoFax

There are multiple ways provided by CocoFax through which you can fax. However, the most effective and easiest one is through its email-to-fax services. The steps to use it are given below.

Step 1: To begin utilizing its amazing services, you first need to sign-up with CocoFax, as we mentioned earlier. To avail the 30 day free trial, you can visit the website from any internet browser. Provide the email id of the account on which you wish to fax.


Step 2: During the sign-up, you will also get a fax number, and that too completely free of cost. Who’s in for more treats? This free fax number is what you choose yourself. Yes, you pick a suitable fax number that you can easily use.


Step 3: When the sign-up process is complete, open your email id. This is the place where you will send as well as get all your faxes. Hit on the button of new mail.


Fill in all the fields starting from the ‘To’ field. Here you will write the fax address of the person who will be receiving the fax. The subject field is a place to write the top note of the fax that will be shown to the receiver. The email body is home to the content of the first page of the fax file.

Finally, attach your fax file and press on the send button. CocoFax will convert your email into a fax and then forward it. CocoFax has taken care of each and every aspect hence it also notifies you about whether your fax was safely delivered or not.


Of all other fax services out there, CocoFax is the only one that can be relied or trusted. It delivers quality services at an exceptionally low rate, hence it is the most advisable.

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