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5 Tips To Selecting Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam


Gone are the days when dashboard cameras were considered a luxury. Now, they have actually become an essential accessory in a vehicle. Most car owners install it so that they can have evidence in case of an accident and they need it for an insurance claim.

Others have also decided to install a rearview mirror dashboard camera as a backup camera. It greatly helps when you need back up and park your car because it would provide you with a view of what is usually a blind spot for drivers. Many an accident or injury has happened because of these blind spots.

1. Ask friends for recommendation – your friends can give you the most honest reviews about products and services. So if you know someone who has installed a rear view mirror dashcam in their car, don’t hesitate to ask them about the model and type that they bought. If they would let you, why don’t you try taking a drive using their car so that you can see for yourself just how the system works?

2. Read reviews online – while not everything on the Internet is reliable, you can find some great forums and websites that can give you great reviews on the products or services that you need. There are even websites that have already listed down the best rear view dash camera so that you don’t have to go through so many lists. They are nice enough to list down all the advantages and disadvantages of certain models and have also included the price so that you will know how much you will need to spend when you decide to buy.

3. Decide on the features you want for your camera – there are dash cams that have more features than others, you just need to decide if you want them included in the model you want to purchase. You can choose a camera that has GPS or audio monitoring, which puts a built-in microphone in your camera. This is helpful when you are driving a large vehicle and someone is outside instructing you on how to back up.

Best Rear View Dash Camera

4. Prioritize the quality of the camera above all – the purpose of a rear view dash cam would be defeated if you bought one with so many features but find that the quality of the camera is not good. Make sure you get one that will be able to give a good night view. Some cameras have infrared sensors so that can be a good feature to look for in your rear view dash cam.

5. Choose the best spot for the placement of your camera – there are about four options where you can mount your camera. The important thing is that you get one with the best view of the back. If possible place the camera as close to the centerline of the vehicle. Do not put it an angle because it might distort the image on your screen and you might get into an accident because of that.

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