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How to Schedule and Wish Facebook Birthday Messages to Friends


Do you have a long list of loving friends, family members or business persons? Did you forget to wish their birthday? Are they angry from you now? Today, when identification in social structure is most important of all, we may forget to wish birthday to all of our friends. Reason may be anything, may be you can’t wish birthday to every one individually if many of your friends have their birthday on the same day or you want to be the first one to wish. It may be quite difficult job to wish each friend his birthday.

Using BirthdayFB app, you can get your job done in easy steps. The most amazing thing is that your friends would never come to know that you were not the actual person to wish them their birthday. They will believe that this was you who wished birthday to them.

Consider the huge impact you can have on your business relationships and your friendships by never forgetting another birthday. BirthdayFB will make this job easy for you.

This is one of the BEST and GREATEST features on the internet. It has made life easy and it means a lot for a family member or a friend to feel like you remembered their birthday. The best thing is it is free.

Just sign in with your Facebook account, allow the app to access your friend’s list, their e-mails and birthdays. Allow the app to post birthday wish on your friend’s wall. Like any other app, Facebook doesn’t allow this app also to do any other activity with your profile. You stay sure about your privacy by using this app. Facebook only allows to access some part of your profile only.

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Schedule Facebook Birthday Messages for Friends:-

Sign in with your facebook profile at BirthdayFB website.

You will asked to allow access to your profile, friend list, their emails and birthday dates. Allow the app to post on your friends wall to wish their birthday.

On the app website, you can see the list of friends having their birthday in coming days. Here you can schedule post on their wall to post.

In the Write Messages tab, you can write custom messages for each of your friends and schedule when to post it on their wall. If you don’t want to write messages to each friend then, in the drop-down menu, you can choose pre-written message for your loving friends.

Click save. Scheduled messages will be delivered on time automatically.

This app really solves the problem and you don’t need to worry about your friends, family members or the peoples in your work circle.

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