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Save Yourselves From Viruses With These Simple Steps


You can be very meticulous when tidying up your house. But at the same time, you forget about the cleanliness inside your computer. We help you make your daily computer use much safer and share life hacks.

Spoiler: The best way to protect yourself from computer viruses is to install a quality antivirus program. Norton uses machine learning, a catalog that is constantly updated and has a wide range of security tools on the Internet. Norton 360 is better than any existing parental control program, for relevant review check here. This antivirus monitors dark sites and provides real help when user data is breached.

Keep in mind you should use Antivirus on the devices in your workspace, as well. When choosing, make sure to find the best antivirus for business.

Analyze the content

For most of us, junk files are stored for years. You think, “Suddenly it will be needed someday.” And a regular harmless file can pose a great threat to the smooth operation of your system. There is no place to procrastinate. Take it away! You do not need to remove everything from a hot hand in a row. Let’s face it – it’s not a good idea. Ask yourself:

What exactly do you need? What has long been irrelevant? Why do you keep it? How much memory does the material take up?

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The information you leave must be stored securely

To make your job easier, you can divide each item into several days. For example, on Monday you delete all the files, and on Tuesday you move the important ones to the desired space.

Microsoft has taken care of its users and released an antivirus program WannaCry. It contains code that protects your computer from hacker attacks. One program includes all the security steps that we will describe below.

Just wait for that magical day to find time to delete old and unnecessary files, monitor your computer’s status, or protect against viruses. This day is today, and this moment is now. Do іt.

Buy licensed software

You will never be able to find out what is hidden inside the program, which you bought from an old acquaintance cheaper than in the store. This is one of the reasons for the increase in the number of viruses on the computer.

Stay tuned for software updates

Software vendors regularly update their antivirus software. They notice their own mistakes and correct them. Then notify your customers about the update. Many updates are downloaded automatically. It all depends on your software system. If there is no such function, then the antivirus program sends a message that the computer needs something new. You can install an antivirus program for all your devices that are only at home.

Don’t click on suspicious links or emails you know nothing about

Technical support can often be misleading. Microsoft claims that 44.8% of virus infections occur through fake e-mail messages. You can protect yourself from viruses by scanning links with your eyes. You just have to practice. If the URL seems too short, it’s best not to click. However, this is not a 100% guarantee of danger. Some large companies deliberately create short links so as not to show their location. We recommend that you use the CheckShortURL link verification service. There is also an option to download a browser plug-in that shows the location of the link when you right-click.

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Any messages from your bank account should be checked directly on the official website of your bank. Scanning links is also possible with the help of an official antivirus program.

Immediately leave the sites you went to without consent. While on such resources, you can not click anything, because it will download viruses to your computer.

Launch the window blocker in the browser you are using

Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge have this feature. Often, pop-ups pose a threat to your software. These are the browsers that stop pop-ups. And as we mentioned earlier, they can carry dangerous viruses for your software.

Make copies of important files for backup

This can be done on an external drive or in a remote storage service. After a virus attack, you can easily recover lost information. We recommend using Google Drive, the cloud storage of information. Even after deleting data from viruses on your computer, all files will be saved online. It is allowed to store up to 5GB of data for free.

Use a strong password

This does not apply to your last name, date of birth, or another password for all the sites in the world that can only be imagined.

The perfect password — letters, symbols, numbers. After approving the password, write it down in a personal notebook. It is not necessary to keep all the passwords in the notes on the smartphone. has published that the most common passwords are 123456 or 12345678. Frankly, this is very bad…

There is an electronic resource LastPass, which helps to create a strong password. You only need to remember the password from this repository and use it safely. LastPass automatically logs in to saved sites.

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During remote work, knowing about virus protection is more important than ever. You can work safely from anywhere in the world. Today such people are called digital nomads, they are not tied to one place of work, can afford to travel at will, and organize their own vacation. We know how to create digital remote technology that will help make your personal business much more efficient. And it all does not depend on your location.


By the end of 2020, the malicious virus had seized information from 200,000 computers worldwide. This news was more rating than information about Trump. Many hacking attacks have taken place over the past year and the United States has begun to inform the public about the protection of their own data online. 150 countries have fallen victim to several hackers. The victims lost their own money, as well as verification of their own data. So, it is a good idea to check the status of your computer immediately after reading our material. Definitely will not hurt, we assure you. This will be a good preventative measure against sneaky malware.

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