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4 Tips To Save Money Using Lyft For Transportation


Lyft is a ride-sharing company that allows travelers to use Lyft taxis or cabs. Just like Uber, one needs to download a passenger app so that they can connect with the Lyft drivers to request their ride. It is possible to save money through the use of Lyft cabs. The fact that this company operates in more than 300 US cities means that there are lots of benefits that its users can get from Lyft rides. There are a number of ways one can save money when they use Lyft. The fact that there are tons of Lyft promo codes out there means that you can save on your transport costs through the promo codes.


Here are 4 tips you can use to help you save money when you use Lyft for your transport needs:

1. Free Lyft credit for new passengers

When you register as a new passenger, you qualify for a free ride credit to your account. This is much higher when compared to the competition. Lyft can now credit up to $50 to your account when you register as a new user. You can always use this credit for your rides. You do not have to use all your credit on your first ride. If it remains after the first ride, the credit can still be used for the consequent rides on Lyft. As such, this is a good way one can save on their transportation costs through Lyft.

2. Promo codes for existing users

After you have used all your free credit above, you will no longer be a new user. You are now a Lyft existing user. Are there ways an existing user can save money when they use Lyft cabs? There are Lyft promo codes that are tied to certain events and in certain cities. One could still benefit from these codes and still, save some money while they use Lyft cabs. Other ways you can save on your transport costs through Lyft is by referring friends. The referral program rewards those who refer friends and other people to use Lyft cabs. You could also take a ride with a new Lyft user and in this regard, you will save on your transport costs.

3. Schedule a ride well in advance

You can schedule a Lyft in advance if you are sure you will need a ride during the peak hours, also known as the surge hours. Lyft’s advance scheduling of a ride locks in a price. This means that this is the price that you will pay during the peak travel hours. By locking in the rate well in advance, you will definitely save a few dollars on your Lyft transport costs.

4. Try surge tracking apps. Walk a few blocks

There are a number of surge protection apps that you can download and use them to help you know where the surge pricing is applicable. This way, you will always get to save money by either avoiding these places or walking a few blocks to places where the surge price does not apply. You can also move your pick up locations to see how much the Lyft drivers are charging for those areas. You see, surge prices are always applicable to specific areas at specific times. With this knowledge, you can save some money on your Lyft rides.

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