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10 Rules To Know Before Planning Your Singapore Tour


Singapore is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia and millions of people travel each year. It is speedily growing city-country which has a diverse cultural diffusion of Europeans, Indians, Malaysians and Chinese. It is a perfect example of how people from different cultures and countries can live peacefully at one place. In order to ensure that the moral codes of people living in Singapore are not hurt, certain strict laws and conditions related to public behaviors are listed, it will help you in being the right side of the law. If you are planning to book a Singapore tour package then you should know the below rules.

Rule 1
Always remove shoes before entering any private home, mosque, temple or religious place in Singapore.

Rule 2
Shaking hands and hugging in public is not offense but most of the Muslim community people do not shake hands or hug opposite sex. As per the Chinese people, bowing down in front of others is the form of greeting.

Rule 3
Kissing or cuddling in public is observed as an offense, so being conservative in behavior will help you.

Rule 4
Public lavatory facilities are available at every location, so keep change with you if you want to use them.

Rule 5
Instead of using private cabs or taxis, you can take metros or mass rapid transit for sightseeing. The MTR network is well connected across the city.

Rule 6
Never use chewing gums under any circumstances as chewing gum in public places is prohibited in the country.

Rule 7
Do not throw garbage, water bottles or litter around as Singapore has strict littering laws. You may find yourself cleaning the roads with a board on your check ‘I was littering’.

Rule 8
Smoking is crowded places or public space is not allowed as any other place. It causes nuisance and people who do not smoke find it very offensive. Dropping cigarette buds on the road or in non-smoking areas are legal offense.

Rule 9
No touching on the head as Singaporeans and even Chinese consider head to be the most important part of the body and spiritual center of any person.

Rule 10
The exciting nightlife of Singapore is famous and well-known across the world. Drinking, enjoying pubs, dances and live music all night is absolutely perfect. Singapore has really harsh laws against drugs so beware of it.

The final say

Knowing these basic things actually help during your Singapore tour so take care it and enjoy the tour to the fullest. We assure that once you visit Singapore, you will fall in love with it!

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