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What Is Rocket Languages – 2022 Review


Do you wish to learn a new language? Or are you in search of an excellent app that will help you improve your communication skills? Then the Rocket Languages app might be your go-to. It would be imposing to assume Rocket Languages is the perfect match without showing you some Rocket Languages review.

First, what is Rocket Languages?

Rocket Languages is one language app, among many others, that teaches you a language and how to effectively communicate. It is an excellent tool that teaches the culture, as well as the language of a particular place or people. Although its courses use a lot of English, these courses are usually short, succinct, and useful, just enough to grasp at a moment. Unlike alternative language apps, Rocket Languages ensures you effectively learn to communicate and not just memorize words.

Did you know that Rocket Languages has been around since 2004? This long time has allowed it to make improvements to provide the best. As of now, there are 14 languages (English Language inclusive) available on the Rocket Languages app. These languages are English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, American Sign Language, Italian, German, Hindi, Portuguese, and Russian. Know this, each course is unique to each language. Each language course is intentionally designed to aid learning. It is not the same course translated across different languages.


Courses Use Audio

Rocket Languages understands that long texts can be boring and since the goal is to converse well in a language, its courses use audio lessons even from the start. These audio lessons are usually very short, an average of 30 minutes, so you do not get overwhelmed.

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Benchmarks are important because they help you track your progress over time. At strategic points, tests are available to take and they are referred to as Benchmarks. These benchmarks help you practice the lessons in the category you just concluded.

Language and culture

Rocket Languages stands out among its alternatives for so many reasons and one of them is that it gives full attention to not just the language, but the culture that speaks these languages. Since language is an important facet of culture, it is just as important to understand the culture. Therefore, lessons on language and culture go together on the Rocket Languages app.

Play It!

I did mention that Rocket Languages courses are audio-based. Furthermore, these audios are usually conversations between two people, and just like karaoke, with the app, you can play the role of a speaker in the conversation. Imitation, they say, is a thin line away from permanently learning a trick. Therefore, mimicking conversations is a great way to practice while boosting your confidence in learning a language. 

Rocket reinforcement

Another method, asides Play It! that the Rocket Languages app uses to ensure effective learning is called Rocket Reinforcement Activities. These activities include learning and speaking activities, writing activities, quizzes, and the use of flashcards. Although repetitive, these activities are not compulsory and they help you keep in mind (memorize) what you have learnt.

Points and badges

A reward system has been put in the Rocket Languages app to encourage learning, these are called Points and Badges. As you make progress in the Rocket Language app, you earn points and move up the leaderboard with badges. Points and badges are amazing motivations that keep users actively learning on the app.

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Speech recognition

Rocket Languages allows you to use speech recognition technology to improve your language learning process and especially your pronunciation. It is an important feature when there are no native speakers around you to practice in real-time.


Rocket Languages has a web version and an ingenious app design that is free. The app is easy to use and has more features than the web version.


The courses for each language are different and so is the pricing for each. The range is from $100 to $500. Common languages cost less on the range while not so popular ones can take the extreme price value on the pricing range. Usually, there are three levels to each language course. The pricing allows you to pay for one, two, or all three courses. Amazingly, you can also pay in installments that range from $20 to $75 per month for six months. Around holidays, Rocket Languages offers coupons that can range from 10% to over 60% off a purchase.


The courses in Rocket Languages are more comprehensive than most apps. The effort put into each language study is amazing and the app is very user-friendly. You are sure to receive value for your money. In no time, you will be able to effectively flow in conversations even with native speakers.

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