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The Rise of Electric Scooters | The History


E-mobility has become so popular these days that the major cities of the world are crowded with electric vehicles of all sorts. One of the most interesting e-mobility innovations is the iScoot electric scooter, a compact yet convenient device used for faster and easier commute. These plug-in electric vehicles use a rechargeable battery to store electricity and use it as power for their compact electric motors.

While this sounded like fairytale hundreds of years ago, today’s market is filled with different models of electric scooters, featuring two or three wheels, as well as one or several motors. People are widely using electric scooters as a means of transportation nowadays but, to understand how it all started, we have to go back to the beginning of the 20th century. You can see this hoverboard buying guide if you are looking to buy one.

A Trip to The Past

While we cannot use scooters to travel back in time (yet), we can take a trip down the memory lane to remember the early beginnings of this technological innovation. Everything started back in 1915, when a company called Autoped came out with the first ever stand-up scooter. This new kind of vehicle featured easily accessible controls on the handlebar and its innovative design drew attention of many people.

At that time, people were used to the traditional scooters one had to drive seated. However, to everyone’s surprise, the brand new stand-up scooter didn’t come with a seat. It didn’t take long for stand-up scooters to catch on and for other companies to start making models of their own. While there weren’t many technological innovations in the following fifty years, the scooter market finally saw some fresh ideas from Go-Ped, a company that introduced an improved stand-up scooter in 1986, called the Roadster.

Shortly after, they released a newer version of the scooter called “Sport”, which became far more popular. While gas-powered stand-up scooters were much more common back in the day, the electric versions were available as well. However, they were far more expensive. As the 2000s approached, the first full suspension stand-up electric scooter was released, called the Hoverboard. The year of 2004 saw the release of the Evo Powerboards` new stand-up scooter model, one that featured a two speed transmission, known as the 2X.

While there were many small improvements in the electric scooter market throughout these years, the things never got too serious until 2013. The new technological advances of the 2010s resulted in a rapid increase in popularity of electric scooters. During the late 2013 and the following year of 2014, new electric scooters featured a light and foldable design.

Based on lithium batteries and powerful hub motors, these scooters quickly became popular and, even to this day, as the technologies keep improving, the market is constantly renewed with fresh versions of convenient electricity-powered scooters.

The Rise in Popularity

It is well-known that electric scooters were always far more popular than the gas-powered ones, especially since the 2000s. The majority of today’s electric riding scooters feature two or three wheels and a foldable chassis made of aluminum. However, there are many different models available, some of which are not foldable and offer less features than the more expensive versions.

Electric scooters became insanely popular for multiple reasons. Firstly, they are way too fun to ride and you simply cannot get tired of riding one. But, if we put entertainment to the side, there are plenty of benefits to owning an electric scooter.

Since they are powered by electricity, these scooters are cheap to run and there are plenty of affordable models available on the market. Some of the most affordable electric scooters are available in the price range between 200$ and 300$, while the more advanced versions can cost from several hundreds of dollars to over a thousand. While this may seem like a large one-time investment, having an electric scooter will save you from spending money on transportation around the city. You can ditch the public transportation and commute to work or other places on your electric scooter.

Besides, these electric vehicles have become so popular that many scooter-sharing companies such as LimeBike and Spin offer scooter rentals around major cities. While renting an electric scooter when you need one sounds like a good idea, owning your own is way more fun, as you can take it anywhere you’d like, straight from your home. With e-mobility becoming more popular, reports state that the global electric scooter and motorcycle market is expected to grow over $22 Billion by 2025.

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