How to Resolve the “Internal exception” Error?

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Playing video games online can be very exciting as it enables you to play with your friends and also to make new ones. What’s more? Online video games are very engaging; you can spend several hours playing one before you get bored.

Despite all these fun and interesting things about online games, they are not without problems. For example, they are sometimes riddled with bugs and errors that either prevent you from playing or from enjoying them. While some of these errors can be fixed with simple steps, others require complex approaches.

One online video game that experiences such problems is Minecraft; its players sometimes face bugs and errors that disrupt their gameplay. A good number of these errors, including the, are Java-related. And this is because the video game was created with the Java language.

Internal exception is a common error Minecraft players face; it involves the forceful closure of an existing connection by a remote host. This error occurs when there’s a failure in input and output operations. That is, when the connection between the user’s computer and the game’s server is interrupted.

How Do I Fix The Internal exception Error?

There are several ways of resolving this error. Below are some of the easy ones.

Power Cycle Your Router

This is perhaps the easiest method to resolve this error. Because of this, endeavor to try it first before you try others.

Power cycling your router simply means restarting it. Sometimes, there is a problem with the router and it manifests as the error.

To resolve the error via this method, do the following:

  • Unplug it from the power source to turn it off.
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable.
  • Leave it idle for a few minutes.
  • Reconnect the Ethernet cable.
  • Plug the router to power it on.
  • Restart your computer and launch the Minecraft program.
  • Finally, reconnect the computer to your home network and confirm if the error is resolved or not.

If there is a connection problem between your router and your computer, this method will resolve it. If the error persists, then your router is not responsible for the problem. Proceed to other, more advanced methods.

Reinstall Minecraft

Sometimes, Minecraft itself is responsible for this error. To resolve it, you will simply need to install the game anew. That is, uninstall the Minecraft program on your device and then reinstall it.

Here is how to do this:

  • Simultaneously click on the Windows key + “R” on your computer to open Run.
  • Enter “appwiz.cpl” and select “OK.”
  • Locate Minecraft from the list of installed apps and select it.
  • Click on “Uninstall” and then click “OK” to confirm.
  • Upon successfully uninstalling the program, download the Minecraft’s latest version of and reinstall it.
  • Finally, restart your computer.

By the way, do not install Optifine or any texture pack immediately after reinstallation. First try to connect to the game’s server with your base game and confirm whether the error has been resolved.

If it is resolved, you can the go ahead and install the mods, texture packs, etc. you want.

Reinstall Java

Sometimes, the Java program is the culprit: it is preventing your computer from connecting to Minecraft’s server. You can remedy this by uninstalling the Java program and then reinstalling it.

  • Click on the Windows key + “R” on your computer to open Run.
  • Enter “Control” and select “OK.”
  • Click on “Uninstall a Program.”
  • Locate Java on the list of installed apps.
  • Click “Uninstall.”
  • Confirm your decision by clicking “OK.”
  • After you’ve successfully uninstalled the programme, proceed to download the latest version of Java and install it.

Then, reboot your computer and confirm if there’s any change or if the problem persists.

Enable the Java Native Sandbox

The Java Native Sandbox allows you to launch Java applications in a restricted environment which can circumvent the problem interfering with your connection to the server. Since Minecraft is a Java application, you can run it with Java Native Sandbox.

To use this method, follow the steps below:

  • Input “Control Panel” in search on your task bar.
  • Click on the resulting entry.
  • Locate “Programs” and click on it.
  • A Java icon will come up on the succeeding screen, click on the header.
  • A small page, labeled “Java Control Panel,” will pop up. Click on the switch to “Advanced” option.
  • Scroll down until you see “Advanced Security Settings.” Click on it.
  • Locate “Enable the Operating System’s Restricted Environment (Native Sandbox).” Then, click on the checkbox to enable it.
  • Finally, select “Apply” and then click “OK” to confirm your choices.

After enabling this setting, restart your computer to enable these changes take effect. Once this happens, launch Minecraft. Then, check to see if your computer can now connect to the server.

If it cannot, disable the Native Sandbox to avoid compounding the error before you attempt other solutions.

Change the DNS on your Router

If your internet service provider (ISP) is experiencing issues with its DNS server, you can also experience this problem. Your system’s DNS settings is in the modern/router administration panel; it is normally configured automatically.

Fortunately, you can manually change the DNS servers. Here is how to do this:

  • Click on the Windows key + “R” on your computer to open Run.
  • Input “Control” and select “OK.”
  • Proceed to “Network and Internet” in your “Control Panel” and click on it.
  • Click on the “Change Adapter Settings” option on the left side of your screen.
  • Right-click on your “Network Adapter.”
  • Select “Properties.”
  • Locate “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/iPv4)” and select it.
  • Click “Use the following DNS Server Addresses”
  • Input the following codes in the spaces provided for “Preferred DNS Server” and “Alternate DNS Server” respectively.
  • 8.8.8
  • 8.4.4
  • Click “OK.”

The modified settings will enable your computer to connect directly to Google’s servers; this is more reliable than that of your IPS. However, if you would rather do without Google’s DNS server, there are other third party, public servers you can utilize.

Finally, launch the game. Then, try connecting it to Minecraft’s server to check if the error is resolved.

Modify Windows Firewall Settings

Modifying your computer’s firewall settings can also resolve the error. Before you can do this, you have to be operating your system as an administrator.

If this is the case, proceed thus:

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Click on “Update and Security”
  • Open “Windows Security.”
  • Locate “Firewall and Network Protection” and click on it.
  • Click on your active network.
  • Turn Windows Firewall off.
  • Launch Minecraft to confirm if the error is fixed.

If it is, proceed to activate private access for Java™ Platform SE Binary.

  • Click on the Windows key + “R” on your computer to open Run.
  • Input “appwiz.cpl” and select “OK.”
  • Proceed to “System and Security” in the Control Panel.
  • Click on “Windows Defender Firewall.”
  • Select “Allow an App or Feature through Windows Defender Firewall.” You will find it on the left part of your screen.
  • Locate Java™ Platform SE Binary.
  • Click the “Private” box for all the options for Java platform.
  • Click “OK.”

Restart your computer and reconnect it to the server. If it works, then the error has been resolved.


With the above, you should have been able to resolve the error. If you couldn’t, your next action should be to reach out to Minecraft’s customer support. Let them know the problem you are facing and the actions you have taken to resolve it. They can then guide you on what to do next.

You can reach out to them via email. However, there are guidelines to this on their website. So, read them and ensure your actions tally with them.

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