Resetting A Dell Laptop Whose Password Has Been Forgotten

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resetting dell laptop whose password has been forgotten

To forget password is nothing new while keeping our device safe we usually keep changing the passwords. And this becomes challenging when we somehow won’t remember or get confused about recent updates.

Now resetting Dell laptop whose password has been forgotten could be easier with password reset disks if created earlier if not still some exceptional discreet methods will help users to reset the forgotten Dell laptop password.

The methods are safe in terms of password recovery or password reset without losing or interrupting system apps and information.

Let’s understand the methods step by step:

Method # 1: Reset Dell Laptop Password By Ophcrack

Ophcrack program is the most preferred tool to reset or recover login passwords via LM hashes that usually hack the clogged passwords by using rainbow tables. Ophcrack technically fetch the SAM files to eliminate right away in the Windows through system settings. But Ophcrack comes with a limitation to only unlock passwords with average strength. Let’s understand the Ophcrack method in a few easy steps to reset the Dell laptop password.

Step 1: Simply go to the official Ohhcarck website and download the Ophcrack LiveCD program to a different computer other than your Dell laptop. Let it complete download and installation and then burn it to a new CD/DVD/USB  and initiate the Ophcrack Live CD ISO image file to create a bootable disk to proceed further.

Check out this official link to download: for the official website.

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Step 2: Now use the Ophcrack Live USB/CD turned to a bootable disk by inserting it to the locked device and Keep patience finish reboot. Once booting is done Ophcrack will resume a query window including some options.

Step 3: Find & Select < Ophcrack Graphic Mode-Automatic> under the GUI Menu and tap <Enter> to continue the process.

Step 4: Here, Ophcrack automatically performs a check for the password. If it is reset then the password will highlight on the screen in the NT Password column during the Ophcarck session. Here, the user is allowed to make changes or replace the password with a new login password for the user account as preferred or access the windows login with the recovered password safely. This method is time consuming due to the length of the password.

Method #2: Reset Dell Laptop Password By  Windows Password Reset Tool

Don’t bother if you have no installation disk. Still, you can reset password for Dell laptop by using the Windows Password Reset tool  the password reset tool without any data loss. While resetting the password the Windows Password Reset tool that actually swipes up your account password and makes it blank to reset with a new password it means the user is allowed to direct access to their laptop windows without any data regression.


Step 1: Borrow another PC to create a bootable recovery disk on USB/CD/DVD as you prefer. For which you’ve to download the Windows password reset tool on the PC.

Step 2: Let it finish the download to install completely. Once it is installed insert the USB flash drive to the PC to create it as a password recovery disk to reset the Dell forgotten password.

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Step 3: Select the USB flash drive if you’re willing to perform with it and tap “Begin Burning”. This will initiate the burning process of ISO files to the USB drive to generate a password recovery disk.


Step 1: Now insert the recently generated password recovery disk the USB drive to your locked Dell laptop and wait for it to reboot and respond.

Step 2: Now try to enter into the BIOS settings by pressing F2 or DEL keys of your laptop. Now change the order boot to the USB drive by navigating + or – keys to select it as a primary boot option. And boot it again. See the image for help.

Step 3: Once the locked laptop is rebooted via the password reset disk it will resume the Windows password reset tool manual on the screen. Here user needs to select some desired options accordingly.

  • SELECT option WINDOWS VERSION from the first step
  • Then SELECT the USER NAME *you want to reset the password for
  • Select RESET PASSWORD *this will erase the previous password
  • Now select the “REBOOT” option.

Step 4: Now the Dell laptop will restart automatically and the password is completely reset. Finally, the user can access the device normally without any data loss.

Method # 3: Crack Dell Laptop By Resetting Microsoft Account

Microsoft account reset password is one of the initial methods that could help users in case they’re having Microsoft account as a user profile on their laptop. The Microsoft Account is empowered with the technique to automatically change the password for windows while resetting the Microsoft account password and this helps to access laptop windows later without losing any personal data.

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Step 1: First go to the official website of Microsoft.

Step 2: Select “I forgot the password” option mentioned below account sign-in on the screen.

Step 3: Next type email or phone no you’ve assigned with the Microsoft Account where Microsoft sends you further link to proceed on the preferred email or phone no.

Step 4: check out the code in the “email” or “phone no” as given and insert the code on the security page to ensure your identity.

Step 5: Now the user is switch to the Microsoft password reset page and asked to enter the “New Password” twice to confirm.

Step 6: Finally the password is reset and the user is allowed to log-in with the new password.


There are many methods given online but still, they don’t work to help users of their comprehensive language or descriptions.  But methods described above are brilliantly chosen for a wide range of users to guide users to reset the forgotten password for Dell laptops. We had included all the simple methods with easy steps to help users understand and use without any external support or help.

These methods work best for Dell users if carefully followed. Let us know your queries if any. If you find this article satisfactory please notify us through your feedback. We are humble to respond and positively revert with the best solutions. Thanks for reading!!

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