Reputation Management in the Healthcare Industry

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reputation management in healthcare industry

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The Impact of Online Reviews for Healthcare

Reputation management services for healthcare is essential since what people say about the services they receive from such businesses says a lot about the company itself. Both positive and negative reviews have their own consequences for healthcare brands.

When patients have unsatisfactory experiences at a healthcare facility and they write about it, this can lead to the rankings of the company to drop, both online as well as with patients. Sites like Google and Yelp monitor their rankings according to how many stars and positive reviews an organization has, and if they see bad reviews, the organization will be at the bottom of the list.

This in turn leads to deterioration of the brands image since patients do not trust the brands capabilities and will prevent potential clients from doing the same. Poor brand image equals low patient potential.

This can make it difficult to reemerge as a distinguished and capable healthcare facility, but not impossible. It just takes extra effort and more hard work to switch the situation around and do damage control.

Conversely, good reviews increase ranking on search engines leading to more exposure and a higher potential client rate. This improves the brand’s image and reputation as well and portrays it in a good light which can add to its success.

Methods to Collect Patient Reviews

This can be done via the following methods

  1. Asking patients face to face by requesting them to fill out surveys or forms on their way out.
  2. Through email, asking patients to give their feedback by attaching a link to where they can add reviews.
  3. Through messages or surveys which first ask the patient if they enjoyed their experience and based on their response, asking them to give a review afterwards.
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Tips for Successful Healthcare Reputation Management

  • Implementing CRM (Customer Service Management): When you use this software, it automatically sends texts or emails to every single patient hours post their appointment. This is required since it is difficult to manually keep track of each patient’s reviews.
  • Revamping your Website: Keeping the official healthcare website up to date is imperative since no one likes to click on outdated websites that are glitchy. It should be easy to navigate, mobile friendly, easy to apply for appointments and be simple and neat..
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