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Tips To Repairing Your PC On A Budget


Today, with the advancements and breakthroughs in technology, our lives are much better and albeit, faster by utilizing these advancements with the help of a computer. In fact, one could directly correlate a person’s productivity with the state of his PC.


Thus, maintaining and repairing one’s PC should be an important concern. If you are having problems with the current condition of your PC, and you are hesitant on bringing it to a repair shop because of budget constraints, then this article is definitely for you. Below are 4 tips to repairing your PC on a budget.

1. Run System restore

Every personal computer has a system restore application which basically restores your system to a “point” in the past where it is was still at its’ peak performance or at least wasn’t malfunctioning. These restore points can be pre-set by you or recommended by the system itself.

Although, you should take note that when you run the system restore, all of your files that have been saved after the date of the “restore point” in the past will be erased, as they technically didn’t exist anymore.

So, be sure to save a backup of your important videos, documents and other files on a USB or the backup folder provided in the system restore.

There are two ways to run the system restore, first is by pressing the “f8” once your system boots up and selecting the system restore from the choices. Second is through the control panel – system security – system – system protection – system restore path in the Start Menu of your PC.

2. Install a reputable Anti-virus system

If you are connected to the Internet, then your pc and system are exposed to various malware and virus threats. These harmful files can come in different ways, whether they are links, videos, documents, or any other computer file. You might not notice them at first, but as time passes, they will eat up some of the important data in your system that will ultimately result in the malfunctioning of your PC.

To avoid these threats and protect your pc, buying a strong and credible anti-virus program will be the answer. These systems will allow you to detect potential harmful files and remove them before they can wreak havoc on your system.

3. Search from the internet

Searching The Internet

Sometimes pc repairs can be easily done by searching the internet. You know how everything can be found on the internet right? As long as you can follow the instructions and guides, then you might just be able to easily fix your PC and avoid spending a single cent.

4. Hiring a professional service

If in case the above-mentioned methods don’t work, then it might be best to visit a professional computer repair shop so that you do not damage the computer further which will increase the cost of repairs.

Find a reputable professional repair service around your area by asking for referrals through your network of friends and colleagues. Reviews from their past clients can also be a good basis of the quality of their service.

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