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How to Remove Shortcut from Desktop Icons


We know Windows is best operating system and popular too. Microsoft made our life so easy. With the release of new operating systems, it is getting more and more better. We need to install essential software whenever we install windows or for other aim.

I like windows very much. Right from the day I started using computer, I use windows. It has lot of features. The best part of the operating system is that you can get the solution of any problem you face by installing a related utility. Some utilities like hide your files behind images, delete any file if windows giving errors or set images on audio files etc. you can do anything you want.

Well, one thing which irritate us is that when we install software programs on windows, it makes shortcut on desktop along with ugly shortcut marks on the icons. What if we would able to remove those irritating shortcut marks from icons. Today, I’m going to tell you the way how to remove those shortcut marks from desktop icons.

What to do to remove shortcut marks from desktop icons:-

If you don’t want shortcut marks to show on icons. Then you need to do some manual settings to get out of the problem.

Follow the steps to remove shortcut marks from icons:-

1. Open RUN program by pressing the combination of WINDOWS+R keys on the keyboard.

2. Type in regedit (Registry Editor)

Registry Editor

3. Expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT tree

4. Look for piffile and click.

5. In the right side bar, you will see 5 different values including (Default), EditFlags, FreindlyTypeName, IsShortcut, NeverShowExt.

6. Right click on IsShortcut and Delete the value.

Remove Shortcut Icons

7. Restart your computer and all done.

This way, icons look like they are the original software and are not the shortcut of original programs that linked to programs installed in disk drive C:\.

It was too short tutorial but I enjoy  to share anything which might help you in any means.


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