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Remote Controlled Construction Equipment


If you’re a fan of hobby grade remote controlled vehicles, we’ve got something special in store for you. Remote controlled construction equipment has become a popular toy category in the past couple of years. However, these vehicles are not only kids’ toys. In fact, manufacturers have taken them seriously because of people’s interest in collecting these RC vehicles.

We are talking about hobby grade metal construction vehicles that closely resemble real construction equipment. Unlike kids’ toys, these RCs can actually do construction work such as digging, lifting, transporting, etc. The quality of RC vehicles and their components can make the difference between a toy and a hobby grade collectible RC. If you are passionate about remote controlled vehicles, you’ve probably tried dozens of them and you know how important quality and structure can be.

However, if you’ve never owned an RC vehicle or RC construction equipment, we will help you find the best value for your money. There are plenty of RC construction vehicles available on the market. Wherever you look, you will find a couple of RC construction kits to choose from. However, not all products will meet your requirements in terms of value, quality, and pricing. With that said, here are our top three 10trailtrucks RC construction equipment that you should definitely get your hands on!

#1 TopRace 23 Channel Excavator

We will start off with the TopRace all metal excavator. This is definitely not the cheapest option on the market but it is one of the top-ranked remote controlled construction vehicles. The sturdy structure allows the excavator to stay still and use all its power for digging and lifting. When compared to plastic excavators, this TopRace RC vehicle offers far more value and entertainment for the money.

The metal structure is what makes this excavator so much better than the toy grade options. The TopRace 23 Channel Excavator is heavier and thus more stable. It is actually powerful enough to dig dirt the same way a real construction excavator would do. The metal chassis ensures the kind of stability that will allow you to do detailed work on the site. The excavator balances very well and it won’t tip over while digging.

Let’s not forget that this excavator comes with a high-quality remote controller that is covered with rubber for more comfortable maneuvering. Besides the basic controls such as speed, direction, and lifting the shovel, the remote features advanced controls such as sound adjustment and smoke adjustment. That’s right! This excavator does not only make realistic sounds while working but it can also release smoke for an even more realistic experience.

Of course, if you want to operate the machine in silence, you can always use the controls to lower the sound all the way down. It is also important to mention that this excavator has some negative sides to it. After all, it is not the highest quality product on the market, considering that it is not the most expensive one that you’ll find. The machine itself is not too detailed when it comes to design. More importantly, the quality of the battery and the charger is not the best. However, keeping in mind the price range and the overall quality it offers, this Top Race excavator is definitely worth the money!

#2 TopRace 10 Channel RC Front Loader

Next up is another remote control construction vehicle by TopRace. Unlike the previous vehicle, this is a metal front loader that will get you closest to the realistic equipment. Even though this RC is not actually a hydraulic machine, it operates in a similar way. What we liked best about this front loader is an extremely detailed and realistic design.

The vehicle features very detailed components, including a working front, rear lights, and even turn signals. It doesn’t get more realistic than that! The 200mAh battery powers the engine and a strong metal shovel. The shovel can be rotated 180 degrees to allow better control and task execution. Overall, this RC can dig real dirt just like the real deal.

The battery life is quite decent, as you can operate the machine for about 50 minutes after each charging session. Just like the TopRace excavator, the front loader also features realistic sound effects that improve the overall experience. The shovel attachment is made of heavy duty steel that adds to the quality of the vehicle. Another great feature of the vehicle is the fact that the wheels are covered with real rubber and operate very smoothly.

This RC comes with an instruction manual, which is great for beginners who are not experienced with RC vehicles or construction equipment. It is also important to point out that some parts of the detailed design are made of plastic, not metal. However, all parts that impact the machine’s performance are made of metal. Another thing we must mention is that this RC is quite fast. Even though some people like fast RCs, this won’t come in handy if you are trying to do detailed work with the front loader.

#3 TopRace RC Excavator with a Metal Shovel

Last but not least, we want to present the plastic version of the TopRace RC excavator. This is a more affordable option suitable for first-time buyers who want to see what the whole fuss is about. If you’ve never used RC construction equipment, this plastic model is a great choice to begin with.

Even though it is made of plastic, not metal, this excavator is still sturdy enough to do some real digging. Besides, its shovel attachment is made of metal, which allows it to dig more powerfully. Considering its price range, the excavator is quite realistic and features quite detailed design.

Most importantly, the RC is durable and long-lasting, which means it can handle the pressure of heavy-duty construction work. Even though it is not a professional grade machine, it is still far away from being a kids’ toy. It comes with a dynamic remote and many features that make it similar to the metal models.

Overall, this is the best choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on an RC construction vehicle. Its only downside is that it is a plastic machine but the fact that the shovel is made of metal makes up for this disadvantage.


When it comes to RC vehicles or specifically 10trailtrucks RC construction equipment, it is important to know the difference between a toy and a hobby grade machine. Some hobby grade RC vehicles are so advanced that they cost up to several thousands of dollars. However, most people look for more affordable options such as the ones we listed above.

Either way, if you want to step up your RC construction equipment game, we suggest looking into higher quality branded models from companies such as Webico or Vario. On the other hand, those who are looking for a decent model that has enough power to do high-quality construction work, the TopRace construction equipment is a great choice.

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