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Regardless Of Your Major Web Development Could Be For You


India has a proud history of producing professionals in the STEM fields, yet not enough students are showing an aptitude in coding. According to the Hindu Business Times, 95% of Indian engineers cannot develop software. As a result, there is a huge focus on new graduates and what they can bring to the rapidly digitalizing economy.

Web development, and related programming roles, do not demand a world class software development qualification. This has allowed several professionals to found lucrative startup businesses. While you may not be able to gain some roles in companies, web development focuses on ability, not what your degree title is.

The bottom line for graduates

Your first question as a graduate will be “what’s in it for me?” The headline is the salary; the average software developer, whether self employed or not, can expect to earn Rs 30 lakh, according to the Times of India. This will enhance your quality of life as a professional and provide you with a greater level of income security. This is important; the likes of student loans can be stressful, with Studyin-UK reporting that some Indian students face 20% interest rates. The same circumstances apply to many mortgages and loans. Having financial security will both enable you to take control of your finances, and will also help you to gain better rates when assessing your student loan commitments.

The key skills required

The platforms and systems on which modern websites and software programmes are based are now highly advanced. This negates the need for old-school comprehension of maths or engineering. Instead, look at the soft skills behind the coding process. Problem solving, the ability to work in a logical manner, being a self-starter and looking for new opportunities are the most crucial faculties. Essentially, experience is the key point, according to one report by India Today; software and web development is an extremely skills-focused field where the best thing to do is practice.

Future industry prospects

For Indian web and tech development professionals, the possibilities are endless. India has broken its record for tech unicorns – companies valued at over US$1bn – and there are signs to show this will continue, such as Byju’s recent $540m investment. Educational opportunities will continue to develop, and the open source nature of modern development techniques mean that you won’t be starved of new development.

In the modern day, high-level web and software development is not limited to those with a degree in its name. The open nature of the internet and the information it contains means that those with the right mindset can flourish in the industry. Consider a career for yourself; all the signs suggest that it will be a profitable one.

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