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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Web Client Portal


A web portal allows clients to access data about interactions with your company. They can review their order status, track the progress of a ticket, or check an invoice. Whether your business offers multiple services or simply one individual product, having a website with a client portal provides customers with a platform where they can solve order issues and find solutions.

Ensure a Better Customer Experience

Every business can benefit from a web client portal, as it offers advantages that go beyond customer engagement. Not only can users resolve customer service issues themselves, but agents in your business can also focus on more complex matters. In addition, product development members can enhance certain products or services. Using a portal allows you to gain valuable data and insights that, otherwise, would be difficult to collect.

Why You Need to Set Up a Web Client Portal for Your Company

Setting up a web client portal for your business gives you the ability to support customers more affordably. Let’s look at some of the reasons you need to establish the platform for your operations.

1. Better Access to Resources

By using a web portal, you can create a knowledge base that includes tutorials and articles. This allows customers to learn more about your products and services and how to solve problems they may encounter during the ordering or when making payments.

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2. Better Order Management

A customer portal ensures better order management and organization, as all the data and features are available in one place.

3. Access to Customer Service 24/7

Customers receive customer service 24/7 by using a web portal. The information is always there – whether it is a holiday or after business hours.

4. Better Control Over Order Activity

When customers can obtain customer service answers on a single platform they feel in more control of their orders and their status and delivery. They don’t feel this sense of accomplishment by constantly relying on an agent or submitting a help desk ticket. People like to feel they know what is going on. They can do this more easily when they can investigate a problem and solution themselves.

5. Fast Access to Live Chat Services

You can also use a web portal to initiate live chat conversations. Offering live chat gives customers another option to obtain the information they need to resolve any issues or receive specific answers to inquiries.

6. Reduce the Workload on Your Agents

Again, by setting up a web customer portal, you reduce the workload on your agents so they can focus on more important customer support matters. By taking this approach, agents can support clients through active listening, empathy, and direct follow-up.

7. Gain Insights from Customers

When you implement the use of a web customer portal, you learn important details about your customer’s concerns and how they view your brand. You can use this data to improve your customers’ experience and add to the knowledge base on your website.

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Add a Client Portal to Your Website Today

By adding a web portal, you are placing the customer first as well as your company’s goals and initiatives. Increase the longevity of your business by connecting your team with clients and ultimately maintaining overall customer satisfaction.

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